lp- The Shepherd

Sound takes flight like a flock of crows

Roaming around until it finds purpose

Like a hot knife it can pierce your heart

Forcing your mind down paths as the heart has a tendency to do

And like the crow, sound has the ability to scavenge

Not unlike the convict who does without regards

Picking up pieces of trash of the freeway

Placing it with other non-descript trash to give it a better purpose


I am the weak in the valley of darkness and sound is my shepherd

And taketh me to lie down in a forest built of freedom and rejection

Trees of blood, pain, beauty. I shall not want, or shall I?

Because, as much as my shepherd guides me, it is powerless to my will of where I want to go

The paradox of sound is that it goes exactly where it is sent, and yet

Leads me into the forest of my thoughts

And yet, I decide where its roots finally take hold

The only time im okay with being a sheep is when my shepherd is with me


The sounds I most like to her are those designed to promote freedom of will

Because, regardless of what people tell themselves to cope,

We live in a world of oppression

Those who have the power to disseminate propaganda do so with their agendas in mind, not mine

Perhaps music has driven me to this perspective

I just know that I’m not okay with walking in line with everybody else

I’m not okay with lulling myself into unconsciousness

Anit-establishment, because we don’t need this kind of structure

It shouldn’t be people living in mansions profiting

off of the policies that they can convince other rich people to vote for

sure, I have a voice

and yet people who speak out against the government are ostracized and looked down upon

branded as “radicals”

they sure do a good job of keeping everybody in check,

Not I


Sometimes, a gentle caress

Other times, a frightful pummel

Words transfer emotion

Sounds that can be perceived

Intent to find the truth

Answers to questions that I’ve always wanted to ask

But never had the courage to face judgment

So many times

Art is one of the only things that make people pause before placing judgment

Maybe that’s why I relate to it so much

It’s the freedom to say what you want to say

Do what you want to do

Because if you don’t like it

Let’s see you do better

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