lp-week 6 log

May 5th

1 hour: researching different methods of meditation

             during this hour i have begun research on finding the best form of meditation for me. i have decided throughout this week i will devote myself to the meditation aspect of this project.

2 1/2 hours: exploring mindfulness meditation

             researching the form of “mindfulness meditation.” it is described as the child to Zen meditation. Mindfulness meditation is described to be used as a tool to “give us exactly this opportunity to become more present with ourselves just as we are”


2 hours: trying to actually “mindfully meditate” (based off of previous research and guidance videos watched)



daily total: 5 and 1/2 hours

May 6th

2 hours: researching chan meditation

Chan mediation is described as being the filter in which to gain a clear “attainment of an absorbed, concentrated state of mind”

“The principle of Chan is taking body and mind from a state of confusion and disparity through a condition of one-mind to the experience of no-mind (or no-thought). This is the result of letting go of one’s clinging attachment to the sense of “I,” and to the illusion of the permanence of the self and phenomena…”


3 hours: attempting to preform chan meditation through previous knowledge.


daily total: 5 hours

May 7th

2 hours: researching Zen meditation

(one source)http://www.project-meditation.org/mt/zen_meditation.html

(also in interest)http://olympiazencenter.org/

3 hours: practicing Zen meditation


1 hour: reading Cuda

daily total: 6 hours

May 8th

2 hours: researching transcendental meditation

http://www.tm.org/ <– amazing resource

3 hours: practicing transcendental meditation


1 hour reading: Cuda

1 hour: writing poetry

daily total: 7 hours

May 9th

2 hours researching: Taoist meditation


3 hours: practicing taoist meditation



2 hours: reading Cuda

daily total: 7

May 10th

2 hours researching buddhist meditataion


3 hours practicing buddhist meditation



daily total: 5 hours

May 11th

4 hours reading Cuda

2 hours writing poetry

1 hour listening to 40 oz to freedom album

daily total: 7 hours


This week: 40 1/2

Cumulative Total: 40 1/2

Reading List:

Sublime’s Brad Nowell: Crazy Fool(Portrait of a Punk) by Heidi Siegmund Cuda

Self Comes to Mind Constructing the Conscious Brain


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