o is for ocean

O – waterbodies II

waterbodies II

The river nodes of my wrist
flip cross direct when
they feel the sea near.
Blue tributaries that rush to tingle
fingerpads at the humidity of salt
air. The blue blood sea blush
traces the swirls of this body,
a warmth in the river neck,
the sphere-lake brain,
the seafoam fingertips,
the twin torrent thighs
and the ocean belly.
Pulse pushes for tide.
Feel the white roar of abrupt
end of land. Moon lumens pull
at the blood sea lumens of my veins
and direct a tide between
brain and belly and body,
a slow push of blood sea
to fingers, back to gut.
Ocean sound: deep rumbles wrap
the spirals of cochlea from waterwaves
to airwaves to waterwaves to brainwaves.
Sound. Sound. Roar. Lap-ripple.
Water to air to water to air.
Ocean to sky to body to mind.
We are where the rivers spill
and the sea is all. 

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