o is for ocean

O – Week 6 Log

Week 6

Monday, February 11

1 hours re-reading mauve sea-orchids out loud
2 hours skimming and sorting stack of library books into these categories:

  • art and creativity (interview with Ran Ortner, Art & Soul, the complete letters of Vincent Van Gogh, book on how we experience art, Roni Horn aka Roni Horn), 
  • the body and experience (Secret Teachings of Plants, Merleau-Ponty’s Phenomenolgy of Perception, The Eyes of the Skin), 
  • water & science (Water & Dreams by Bachelard, Sensitive Chaos, science book on Oceanography, book on the composition of seawater), 
  • poetry (mauve sea-orchids, Never by Jorie Graham, Cantos by Pound, Trilogy by H.D., audio recordings of Gertrude Stein) 
  • and a pile of secondary resources (Tree of Meaning, 2 other books of poetry by Jorie Graham, 2 books on architecture and visual art)


2 hours working on the anthology
3 hours reading for and writing seminar pass

Tuesday, February 12

1 hour responding to seminar passes and composing virtual seminar post
2 hours writing
.5 hour reading HD’s Trilogy
1 hour assembling images and quotes at luminoussea.tumblr.com – Discovered googleartproject.com, so cool!
1 hour color and water-rhythm study at Priest Point park
2 hours writing midquarter self-eval

Wednesday, February 13

1 hour midquarter meeting with Sarah
2 hours working on anthology with Marisa
1 hour posting images and poetry to luminoussea.tumblr.com
1 hour selecting books and reading through the oceanography section of the library
1 hour reading poetry out loud: Jorie Graham Never and mauve sea-orchids

Thursday, February 14

1 hour posting to luminoussea.tumblr.com
2 hours reading and writing Bachelardian reverie
1 hour meditating on water as the body

Friday, February 15

traveled to Portland
1 hour reading The Eyes of the Skin
1 hour experiencing body in salt water: salt soaking pools

Saturday, February 16

2 hours writing to discover what I want to convey in the term paper-aspect of this project
2 hours collecting poetry, images and diagrams about art, the ocean, tide and salt at my blog

Sunday, February 17

3 hours reading scientific book about saltwater and taking notes
.5 hour writing


This week: 35 hours
Cumulative: 71 hours

Reading List:

  • The Eyes of the Skin by Juhanni Pallasmaa
  • mauve sea-orchids by Lila Zamborain
  • Never by Jorie Graham
  • Saltwater: Its Composition, Properties and Behaviour
  • The Poetics of Reverie by Gaston Bachelard
  • Unoriginal Genius by Marjorie Perloff
  • Reading in the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene
  • online resources: see luminoussea.tumblr.com


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