o is for ocean

O – Week 8 Log

Week 8

Monday, February 25
traveled to Olympia
3 hours reading and writing seminar pass

Tuesday, February 26
2 hours water surface study and meditation
2 hours online reading interview about poetry/science memoir of orcas, uploading to my blog, reading about the senses
1 hour writing about body and art
1 hour reading and responding to seminar

Wednesday, February 27
.5 hour editing photos
.5 hour reading H.D.’s Trilogy
1 hour looking at seascape painters (see blog)
2 hours writing
2 hours reading Reverie

Thursday, February 28
3 hours taking notes and writing Reverie
1 hour researching art online
2 hours writing poetry
2 hours working on paper
1 hour reading Leaves of Grass out loud

Friday, March 1
2 hours editing photos
1 hour posting to blog
1 hour reading Turner book
2 hours writing

Saturday, March 2
2 hours field water reverie
3 hours working on paper
1 hour posting to blog
1 hour looking at Turner seascapes

Sunday, March 3
6 hours writing, note-taking and figuring out what to do for a paper
1 hour poetry observed recording
1 hour sorting out blog posts
2 hour online research of water art

Total: 46
Total Cumulative: 160


Reading List

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman
Trilogy by H.D.
Turner: the Late Seascapes
Poetics of Reverie by Gaston Bachelard
Unoriginal Genius by Marjorie Perloff
Reading on the Brain by Stanislas Dehaene
for online resources see luminoussea.tumblr.com 

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