P – Week 7 Poetry – “Longing For Space”

Longing for Space

I watch the clock and am waiting anxiously.

My bag was packed days too early and still

I shuffle and reshuffle my belongings,

only one suitcase but it seems like far too much stuff.

I want to be free and unencumbered and

flee in the night with only what I can carry and

this town has always been too small for me.

I am ready to leave as soon as I arrive

and I want to see the world.

When he arrives I am out the door and

not knowing where we’re going is part of the fun.

The big diesel truck eats the miles like candy

and I don’t look back,

the only things that matter are what I see ahead of me.

I roll my window down all the way and the wind

hits my face and I smile because I feel free,

maybe for the first time ever.

I lean back in my seat and let the wind carry me along.

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