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Hh – Week 9 Poetry

This is a poem I haven’t finished yet, but I love it and will give an update when I finish it!

I Heard Sirens

I heard sirens

They wailed a song which could put my brothers in captivity and end them there

And here I stand adhered to the sweetest song I hear but I do not hold much fear

Because I am not there…

But I am out there…

I am the street lights and the pavement

Every crack and crevice in places

You couldn’t imagine and I wonder

How do I keep from going under?

How do I not feel for my brother as if I am there with him?

If we had been laid the same path

My life could have ended in an instant

But since we both started out as infants

Our innocence holds no difference

Hh – Week 8 Poetry

This is a poem I wrote based on Tupac’s “In The Depths of Solitude”, it’s in the front of my poetry book and I dedicated it to myself.

The Valley

I live in the valley

No matter the street corner, avenue or alley

I still live in the valley

In the darkest depths of my two parts

Where I am away solitarily 

Feeling the pressure of my two parts

Trying to release it momentarily

I live in the valley of shadows

But I shall fear no evil

Not even the one I know the most

Because my will knows no equal

Hh – Week 7 Poetry

This is a poem I wrote about monsters, which led to me writing a song about embodying the spirit of being a “monster”. I feel as though in society, we fear what is not “natural” or something that is different in any way, and we end up fearing who we really are because maybe in some way we’re what is considered a “monster”:

We are our own monsters


What happens when the supernatural becomes natural…
When the INHUMAN becomes HUMAN
D e m o n s rise to earth searching for understanding
A n g e l s fall from grace…
We are the fruit of both creatures…
The product of both light and dark.
Taught to fear ourselves
No More
No More
Embrace the light and the dark
and become whole
No longer fear the unusual monsters
Embody the beast
If you are GHOST look to be seen and heard
But be not ashamed of transparency
If you are VAMPIRE seek out the light as much as possible
But embrace being a creature of the night
If you are ZOMBIE show your humanity
But don’t deny what makes you different
If you are ALIEN seek acceptance
But only from those who are willing to accept you as you are 

Hh – Week 6 Poetry

This is a poem I wrote based on Tupac’s “If There Be Pain” and a line that really resonated with me which is “My life was lived through falling rain”, which I feel is descriptive of how I look at my own life, living in Washington and having bad but also good memories within the rain. I tried to make it look as close to the way it looks in my poetry book as possible, also, sorry about the late postings, i’ve been trying to collect everything i’ve written together into this body of work:
I lived my life through falling rain.

Falling reign…
All hailing…
…A world spread missed…
The disenfranchised…
Collecting peaces of change…

Here I live…
     Within this reign…
The raindrops fall on my
Window Pain

The Fathers watch ticking
To the suns smile…