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lp- Bachelard Reverie .4

“For, as so many ethnographic studies of laboratory life have shown, the laboratory is not a “non-space”: it is itself a real configuration of persons, devices, and techniques, which imposes its own characteristics on the data generated, as well as the interpretations made of them, and all the more so when the subjects are individual living creatures, be they human or other animals” (Neuro 228)


And have you ever been so far away?

And have you ever seen the light through the tunnel at the end of the gray?

And have you ever been locked in a cage?


And have you ever been unwillingly changed?

And have you ever been estranged?

And have you ever been told you’ll live to see another day?


And have you ever been told you caused something or someone to be that way?

And have you ever noticed things change for a better grade?

And did I ever tell you that everybody is this way?

Forever changing with the day.

lp-Bachelard Reverie .3

“In the course of centuries the naive self-love of men had had to submit to two major blows at the hands of science, the first was when they the earth was not the center of the universe but only a tiny fragment of a cosmic system of scarcely imaginable vastness.” (199)


Our lives are not our own.

Neurons spreading like mycelium,

we are the fungi of the world.

Our roots connecting like telephone wires we have created.

We are everything and everything is us.

Our minds grow like trees

changing every year,

Adding rings to the stories of our lives,

stories of the universe.

You are on a rock hurdling through space, which is located in a galaxy, which is located in the universe.

As our minds stretch to the stars fires ignite in our brains,

information traveling like shooting stars, changing the way we forever exist.

We are everything and everything is us.


lp- Bachelard Reverie: Neuro .2

“Whatever the virtue of arguments for preventative intervention in relation to health, in the case of neurobiologically based strategies for preventative crime control, we argue that policies of screen and intervene – which have a family resemblance to other strategies for ‘governing the future’ in the name of security – are likely to contribute to a further widening of the net of the apparatus of control to the ‘precriminal’ or ‘predelinquent,’ and to play a part in the new ways in which subjects and subjectivities are governed in the name of freedom in an age of insecurity.” (166-167) Neuro

It is controlling me for something I have no control over.                                                                     They say there has always been something wrong in my brain.                                                                                        Treated like a cow in a herd with an infection that is incurable.

I am a precriminal

Like a fish trapped in a pond, I am now able to feel the grip of the widening net of the apparatus of control.

It is preventative they tell me.

They place me in a room in a box in a box with a box full of juice.                                                       They have suits and ties and I’m asked questions that I’ve heard before as if they don’t already know the answers.

In the name of freedom they say.

So why is it that all I can think about is arteries, juice,                                                                        And escape? 

lp – Bachelard Reverie: Neuro .1

“We have a social brain in that the brain has evolved to favor a certain type of sociality manifested in all the interactions between persons and groups that come naturally to humans in our social lives. And we have a social brain in that this organ is now construed as malleable, open to, and shaped by, social interaction—shaping sociality as it is itself reshaped by it.” 163


Neurons finely tuning themselves, reacting to all and every interaction perceived.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Shaping me as I am shaping you, we will forever be stored in the neurons firing in each other’s brains,

and changing each other always as we grow older.

For inside me, there will always be you there,

shaping you as you shape me.

Yet, when the natural response to change is resistance,

I find myself, not only accepting, but actively constructing the change itself.

Pursuing the depths of uncertainty that these constructs may bring.

As if you are the oyster, and you are tasting me

as I am tasting you.

Dive in.