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Finding the calm between stones
And lost paths through forgotten streets
Humming for promise when alone
This is where her heart and pavement meet.

The shops are closed
The shelves all bare
Now memories superimposed
Are all that we can find there.

There’s no more sugar
And no more spice,
We’ve all but lost what
We thought of as “nice”

Broken Buick,
Gutted Dodge,
Sit pretty on the sideline
Next to yester years news.

Yet here is where she finds herself
Her cooing lullaby,
Is the silence
The stillness
She catches in her eye.


Memories and Apocalypse


My mind,

Stained with the scent

Of fallout vapor,

Incineration of the ideal,


The perfection of the

Synapses misappropriated

With age of Metamorphosis

And the reality is

Idyllic in its disintegration.


We long for what can never be,

What waits in the ruin,

Beneath the fallen monuments

The salvation of a race

Might be had.