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Neuro Reverie Week 8



“Organ in a body of organs” (Neuro, 230)

-this thing, this neuro-science

science of picking a part

apart the pieces.


the whole, formed only through pieces

pieces holding pieces.

we can know the pieces

but we cannot be the pieces without being the whole.

neuroscience takes the pieces

and I am left

searching for the whole

the piece of the whole that fits inside of all of me

I am not pieces of a piece

or a piece of pieces

I am whole

brained, bodied, bound and released.


look at my pieces

mold my piece

hold my pieces

but dont forget to

admire my whole

flock at my whole

imagine my whole.

because despite all my pieces

I am whole.

V – Neuro Reverie week 8


“…selves are memories, and memories are patterns of synaptic interconnections. How are these patterns of synaptic connections established? […the understanding is that] it is now ‘experience’ that shapes the patterns of connections that are strengthened”.  (217)

The life blood of my living in this world can only be shaped by what I come into contact with. This contact being the cultural world and the sensual encounters I internally face, taking shape in the form of tiny microscopic neurons.  They shape, mold, form and break my understandings of the world in various ways. These tiny synaptic firings either form or erupt my patterns of being in the world.   A sense of connection to the old or to the new comes from the recharging of memories. Tiny fires evolve self.

 The microscopic even goes through metamorphosis.

The microscopic has the power to reverberate and make great change.

The microscopic consists of a great transformation, transforming mind, patterns and memories.

Connection begins at the microscopic level.

Whether we see it or not,

everything must start somewhere.

So why not, dream big

V – Neuro “Reverie” Week 7

“The Mechanism is the growth and pruning of synapses in response to experience – synapses that become “Hard-wired” by repeated use”. (194)

Molding molds of children in infancy/in fencing of gardening parents

who hold no monetary constraints, no constraints of giving and time, completely releasing to the tending of the children. How can this really happen when we all struggle to see ourselves through to the next line of numbers signed by a man who doesn’t have any children. Placing value, removing time, removing love.

what a wonder what whorl wind, what a world wind of renewal to commemorate the criminals, the children, the parents.

we mend we meld and then we pry apart. Asking of our citizens the work of pruning.  A dynamic which might allow violence to end.  Is it as simple as that? Cut off the violent branches of your tree my sweet little child, they will cost us and cost us if we do not prune your truth in moments of shaping.  Shape your vessel to look like this, remove this part, the part deemed “damaged” by society and then continue on.

this takes time, and not just time, but the right time.  I do not know how or when or why

but we must tend to the gardens of our hearts

not to focus on removal, but on the building of beauty.

V – Spring Reverie week 6

Liberty Peru

Neuro Chapter 5 – The Social Brain

Inspired by ideas from these two qoutes (and ideas discussed in “Neuro” and “The Vegetative Soul”)

“…brain regions shaped by evolution, notably the amygdala, orbital frontal cortex and temporal cortex – regions that have the function of facilitating an understanding of what one might call the ‘mental life’ of others.” (Rose/Abi-Rached 143)

“For mirroring is not restricted to the observation of another carrying out a movement, but is extended to the observation of another experiencing an emotion such as joy or pain…” (Rose/Abi-Rached 146)


the assumption that everything shifts.

My lobe extending towards your face, full of emotion

-the building blocks of your hands show me the fleeting decisions you are bound to make.

inside my own


psychic abilities,

linking together a shard of hope

a shard of glass

a shard of understanding how you think,

“Lasting only for a time; not eternal; passing” (Thefreedictionary.com)

 the outstreached neurons of you drinking water

to the lips

against the tongue

down the throat

in the belly

through the urinary tract

quenching the thirst

only to be thirsty moments later.


all of it.