Week 9 Psychoanalysis of Fire

We are inclined to excuse all these naive beliefs, because
we now interpret them only in their metaphorical translation.
We forget that they corresponded to psychological realities.
Now ‘it oEren happens that metaphors have not completely lost
their reality J their concreteness. There is still a trace of concreteness
in cerrain soundly abstract definitions. A psychoanalysis
of objeccive knowledge must retrace and complete this
process of de-realization”
(Bachelard, The Psychoanalysis of Fire; 70)

With meditation comes the refinding of meaning in simple thoughts already thought,
realizations already come to or epiphanies once mulled over; seen with a new light.
How clear things can become with cliche metaphors, and common ideas.
They are this way because that’s why they became common in the first place.
But like all things, should be revisited, re-thought over.
Explore different facets of sound advice,
what different meanings could be applied to ‘practice makes perfect’
how perfect in all reality is inconceivable,
and therefore to achieve perfection, an eternity of practice is needed
but the more it is done the closer to eternity you are.
‘All things change’
It lies within the basic facts of our existence.
Within our evolution as a species,
and even the amount we age each day.
When we think we know something, that is when it is known you don’t. 

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