Y – Bachelard Reverie #2

(Here I am trying to convey the difference between being awake with my passion ie. reverie, vs being asleep with my passion ie. dream. They – the animus and anima – mingle and mesh and become woven in my mind and body.)

“In the background, down in the depths, way down in the depths, the novelist was well aware that human nature was weaving possibilities of union – ” (87)



I am dipping my heart into the hardness that the rocks of my dreams pull up, they are snapping the quiet surface with the cracking sounds of bones.

Wake up.

There are rocking orgasms present

and this drives my delicate thoughts of the sacred

Venus body.

Here, I am safe. I can Be from a place of knowing. stroking the softness of her skin, asking her questions and recalling memories of days birthed.

Here, I am awake. I can experience the velvet breaths and breasts of holy nourishment.

I am Sustained widely.


Deep deep deep, I fall into a spinning wave of lava

I must engage the fiery depths of your lips sweet one, I must enfold the embrace.

tails, tales, and dreams of the future: the courageous hope that drives and directs my waking

Venus body.

Rocks emerge forth, with sharp edges and prominent lines, that fold gracefully into the crevices, yet leave marks of eternity.

I am Sustained with depth.


I am driven, lulled, by the depth, by the power in edges, and in curves. I am dripping in a whole world of dreams and of reveries for the yoni. The Venus body continues to sail within the waves of eternity, silently ringing deep in my womb. She wholly rings in me and screams yes!


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