Y – Bachelard Reverie #4

“”all the fruits of the apple tree are rising suns,” […] “celebrate” the apple. ” -156


Claim your woman


flame, mane, fame, name, pain, frame, train, brain, drain, vein, rain, sane, crane,

Claim your sane insanity

and watch your wings grow

Flying flying in the whole, in the name of your reveries

Claim your wings, spread them along the winds of your reclaimed body

My woman body

My woman

builds log cabins that stretch along the seas of hills, like the depths of her insides,

Stretching like the depths of her roots, stretching like the body of her yoni.

My woman

listens to the trees surrounding her cabin,

Listening, surrendering to their wisdom

My woman

Expands and extends her will to the cottonwood stands,

As they give breath to the dissinigration of her knowing.


Craving the whole

Labyrinth of

Arousing her

Inner beaming

Moon body


Do not censor the body, do not sensor the speech

And do not sensor the breath

For when you censor, you take away your authenticity, your you, your whole.

Claim your whole,

claim your woman.


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