Y – Log Week 7!

February 18th

2 hours – This evening I was weaving, weaving the motions of my body towards acceptance of self. (dance) embodying my learning!

7 hours – Doula Training

1 hour – Reading Bachelard

February 19th

3 hours – Writing “holdredge paper” (research on etymology of Yoni)

2 hours – reading Bachelard

February 20th

2 hours  – reading buhner/bachelard

2 hours – writing

2 hours – Art piece, conversion/conversation between Buhner and Cixous

February 21st

3 hours – reading (Cixous/Womens Ways of Knowing)

1 hour – Plant Profile art (Cottonwood!)

1 hour – writing

February 22nd

4 hours – Herbal Apprenticeship (Cottonwood, cardiovascular herbs, medicine making)

2 hours – Reading (Buhner) and Writing Poetry

(Got an Interview sent back!)

February 23rd

1 hour – reading

1 hour – writing (poems)

1 hour – nature walk/photos (what it must feel like to be on a dandelion in the summer breeze)

3 hours – Working on paper

February 24th

1 hour – Reading short stories from The Sweet Breathing of Plants

Total Hours:

This Week : 39 hours

Accumulative: 120


  •  The poetics of reverie
  •  The secret teachings of plants
  •  Womens Anatomy of Arousal
  •  Womens Ways of Knowing
  • The Laugh of the Medusa

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