Y – poem (our secret language)


are opening

as my mouth is circled around your nipple

and you gaze into me.


We have only just finished a long endeavor, as

together we surrender to the exhaustion,

as our bones turn to liquid our brains come in sync with the knowing that this moment,

This moment marks the very beginning of a new journey.


As the layers that make you up

open and allow me to move through,

the layers in around my eyes,

slowly prepare,

allowing me to open to the light:

Through your speaking layers.


First I remember the sounds you made,

Those primal ones that still shake my veins awake

still open my hearts gate

flooding me with adoration for your strength.


we were both swollen and exhausted

with joy,

our bones, cleaned of the experience

as our minds embraced and curled in around each others bodies.


That language

only we have ever spoken




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