Complete porfolios are due in class Thursday, December 12. You can bring a late portfolio to your faculty office by a firm late-deadline of 3pm on Monday, December 16, but not after that.

If you give us a late or incomplete portfolio, we may or may not be able to provide your written evaluation or final award of credits before the end of Evals Week.

Please don’t use three-ring binders or other commercial plastic products. They are extra expense for students, unfriendly to the environment, and unhandy for faculty to carry.

We will bring large manila envelopes for everyone to use instead.

Complete portfolio contents

1. accurate index or table of contents
2. fall quarter self evaluation
3. academic statement – if this is your last quarter at Evergreen
4. Wiki article – and any drafts, notes, bibliographies, etc
5. reading response papers
6. any integration papers
7. hard copies any images
8. panel notes
9. class notes – including spiral notebooks
10. fall quarter faculty evals – in your and/or in hard copy


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