Happy New Year and Welcome to Winter!
Printer Friendly Winter Schedule

Our first meeting of Winter Quarter is in room Sem 2 A1105 on Monday of week 1 at noon. If you are not registered for the program and have an interest in coming in, plan to be there from noon-1pm to talk with faculty about your interest.

We will discuss our first reading, Wanted by Rachel Hall, in Thursday Wk 1 reading seminar. New students also should read Peter Irons, People History of the Supreme Court, ch 1-18, to catch up with Fall program content over the next few weeks. No formal reading response paper necessary in this first week.

We have lots of reading this term. You might consider reserving time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, when we have no organized classroom activities, to schedule and keep reading appointments with yourself.

Please keep in mind that we recommend quiet, contemplative reading over surfing through a book. This takes more time, and usually requires you to schedule more than one sitting to read. But we would rather you read even just part of the book carefully and thoughtfully, than rush through the whole thing superficially.


12-1:15 history lecture – Sem 2 A1105
1:30-3 news notes panels – Sem 2 A1105
3-5pm team mtgs – The Underground


12-1:30 reading seminar – Sem 2 A2105
2-3:15 legal studies – Sem 2 E1105
3:30-5pm history lecture – Sem 2 E1105


12-1:30 skills workshops – Sem 2 A2105
2-5pm film series – Sem 2 A1105


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