Geez – it’s a good thing Ted checked the Facilities schedule.

Our reservation for the organic farm house IS for Friday at 1pm.

So we’ll have class as usual on Thursday – – reading seminars at 12pm in B2107, 2109; Legal Studies at 2pm in B1105. We have readings due for each period: the book, Slavery Before Race, and People’s History by Peter Irons, Intro-Ch1.

And then have Integration Seminar discussions at the Potluck on Friday.

PLEASE tell everyone you know about this schedule change – and plan on bringing that tasty snack to the farmhouse on Friday. We’ll talk about directions to the farmhouse on Thurs.

Really sorry for the confusion.


Our seminar readings for Week 2 are Slavery before Race: Europeans, Africans, and Indians at Long Island’s Sylvester Manor Plantation, 1651-1884, by Katherine H. Hays; A People’s History of the Supreme Court: The Men and Women Whose Cases and Decisions Have Shaped Our Constitution, by Peter Irons; Intro-Ch 1.

Don’t forget we’re having a potluck at the Organic Farm (campus map) on Thursday starting at noon. Think about what you want to bring to share – entree (protein), salad, bread, snacks, dessert, drinks. There is a kitchen to refrigerate, warm and bake stuff.

We will hold small group discussions and reading seminars at some point during the potluck.

Weekly Schedule


Wk 2 – Monday, Oct 7

12-3pm – SEM2 A1105

  • 12-1:15pm – History Lecture – Pre-Colonial and Colonial Periods
    1:30-3pm – Team organization and panel assignments

3-5pm – reserved for team meetings


Wk 2 – Thursday, Oct 10


  • Potluck social and reading seminars
  • Reading Seminar: Slavery Before Race by Katherine Hayes.


Wk 2 – Friday, Oct 11

12-2pm – SEM2 B2107 Artee / SEM2 B2109 Jules

  • Integration Seminar: Self Evaluations and the Academic Statement

2-5pm – SEM2 A1105

  • Legal Studies – Who Is In and Who Is Outside the Law: The Constitution of The United States
    READ: People’s History by Peter Irons, Intro-Ch1.



Greetings – and welcome to LOL.

We have a very big waiting list. If you are already enrolled, be sure and come to our first class meeting in SEM2 A1105 to hold your seat in the program. If not, then come anyway and make your interest known. We will take your name and contact you if a spot opens up.

We will discuss Rachel Hall’s book, Wanted: The Outlaw in American Visual Culture in our reading seminars Thursday Oct 3 of Wk 1. Since we have no organized meetings on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, consider these days as designated reading time throughout the term.

Below are the details of our first week of activities – you can find the entire fall syllabus in the top navigation menu above.


Week One Schedule:


Wk 1 – Monday, Sept 30

12-3pm – SEM2 A1105

  • 12-1:15pm – Old school Evergreen and contemplative education
  • 1:30-3pm – Introductions & seminar assignments


Wk 1 – Thursday, Oct 3

12-2pm – SEM2 B2107 Artee / SEM2 B2109 Jules

  • Reading Seminar: Wanted by Rachel Hall.

2-5pm – SEM 2 B1105

  • 2-3:00pm – Program outline and documents review
    3:15-5pm – Sample panel presentations by faculty


Wk 1 – Friday, Oct 4

12-2pm – SEM2 B2107 Artee / SEM2 B2109 Jules

  • Integration Seminar: Covenant review and signing

2-5pm – SEM2 A1105

  • Film and discussion: Traces of the Trade

Law and Outlaw is an intense – and intensive – interdisciplinary program. We pull together threads from legal studies, U.S. social and legal history, cultural studies and folklore, digital imaging, and visual studies to engage our worlds in ways beyond the scope of these disciplines alone.

We deal with issues of crime and punishment, justice and injustice, truth and untruth, and much much more throughout the American present and past. We engage events and outcomes which are often – and often at the same time – tragic, unbelievable, heroic, hilarious, beautiful, ugly and plain.

In the old Evergreen way, we schedule classes in big blocks of time and take frequent short breaks as stopping points emerge. This allows us to pace ourselves in terms of workflow, energy level, completion of tasks, caffeine emergencies, etc. We also stop to eat when we’re hungry, although we have been known at times to sort of eat constantly.

– Sem 2 A1105 – large group
3-5pm – reserved for team meetings

– Sem B 2107, 2109 – separate seminars
2-5pm – Sem 2 B1105 – large group

– Sem 2 A2107, 2109 – separate seminars
2-5pm – Sem 2 A1105 – large group

Large GroupTypical large group classes are law workshops, history lectures, films, student panels, reading and writing practice, outlaw cultural studies, plus digital photography and Photoshop instruction, scholarly research instruction and practice, student slide shows, social media labs, etc.

Separate SeminarsReading seminar, contemporary events discussion, program planning, reading and writing practice, peer editing and writing support, computer labs, synthesis-of-ideas discussions, other stuff better done in smaller groups.

Contemplative LearningThe foundation of our teaching is a deep and abiding respect for quiet, meaningful, and unhurried study. We believe searching for truths about the human condition is both sacred duty and political necessity, and we rely on you to bring meaning  and care to your search as learning individuals and in learning community.

Learning CommunityLaw and Outlaw is a three quarter coordinated studies program built on the beauty and power of learning community. We commit ourselves – and encourage you to do the same – to one of the few uniquely old-school Evergreen experiences left to us today: the year long, interdisciplinary learning community. To stay together for a year is test, trial, treachery, tenderness and transformation.

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