Their slogan is “no attention span, no problem” which could be considered to be a slightly delicate subject in the art and writing world when today’s media causes a constant decreased attention span in youth. However, when associating the statement with a flash fiction online literary magazine it truly is brilliant. Short Fast and Deadly is an online zine published by Deadly Chaps where an array of flash fiction and brilliantly brief poetry is put into a collection for each edition based on a common theme.

By placing a theme in the flash fiction it allows for the work to remain cohesive while the reader jumps from one piece to another. While each piece of work may be scattered over a wide array of styles, utilizing different verbiage, striking a variety of tones throughout the different pieces, there is still a congruent center that works as the basis for each work. Due to this reason the reader is never too lost or thrown off balance while skimming through the zine.

It is a zine meant for the population in everyday society, working steadily but vigorously and caught in the insanity that is their own busy lives. Many literary magazines become more of a small inkling of hope to be read at some point throughout a person’s busy schedule but end up on a shelf somewhere collecting dust. But rather, when reading Short Fast and Deadly when is able to flip between the spreadsheets or text documents open on their laptop and a few poems or prose quickly while it is open in a different window without the reading entirely consuming one’s time.

It is also a key writers tool. Like any flash fiction or brief poetry it must stimulate first the senses and aesthetics in order to catch attention, must trigger something mentally and emotionally and must allow for personal interpretation very quickly in order for it to be valuable but still a short piece of text. This can act as an easy inspirational tool for writers as well. For any person working in the realms of creativity must consistently surround themselves with other forms of creativity. Yet, one cannot be entirely lost in the creativity for they must continuously progress through their own work as well. A literary source such as this is perfectly conducive for a writer to sit and catch a piece of inspiration from a few brief skimmings and glances, or a single in depth close reading.

However, the work is not comprised solely for those that are too busy to be lost in the work. It is still captivating writing which will encompass one as they float through the various pieces. However, it is perfect for modern times, working to present something that truly will help those that are striving to find creativity in their busy lives.


Short Fast and Deadly can be found on the website

They publish seasonally with a different theme linked to each edition

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