Kina Wolfenstein


This film featuring Kate Winslet and Jim Carrey may be old news, released in 2004, but it’s a movie I get something new out of every time I watch it, especially now that I’m immersed in a project focused on dreams and fantasy. If you haven’t seen this movie, I highly recommend it, for it’s cinematographic value (engaging, complex and sensual) and it’s interesting explorations of creativity, love and psychology. If you have already seen it, I recommend seeing it again. I’ve watched this film about a dozen times, but I recently revisited it because I feel it perfectly embodies the impact I am attempting to create with my project. The movie focuses on dreams, and most of it takes place within a dream, and this blend of reality and imagination is executed perfectly; it’s, beautiful, disconcerting and vivid. The style of the film is fleeting and personal, which provides the viewer a more complete experience and a more intimate perspective on the plot of the movie.


This movie is perfect example of a style that makes its point from the inside and out: the plot is intriguing and exploritory of interesting boundaries between our concepts of “the brain” and “the heart”, and the strange method  in which these themes are conveyed creates a dynamic which is thrilling and engaging. As I continue working on my art project, which similarly seeks to manifest the surreal in a tangible art piece which reflects the complexities of the internal world,  I will keep in mind the melodic and eery tone of Eternal Sunshine, and “Steal like an Artist.”

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