Matt sat on the steel table in a sterilized charcoal business suit.

Everything about Dr. Aikawa was average enough that any thinking person would be unnerved. Yet this camouflage of average consistently put patients like Matt at ease. She scrolled over the chart at a casual, so human, speed before she looked up.

“You’d like to enhance? I’m sure we’ll be able to help you, but in order to explore the most appropriate options, tell me a little about why you’re considering these procedures.”

“Well, I’ve been passed over for promotion twice at work. I want to be mad, but the fact is even though I have great ideas, I’m just not fast enough. I want to still think like me, but I want to read and think faster.”

“So you’d like to selectively enhance instead of going fully synthetic?”

“Yeah.” Matt fidgeted.

Dr. Aikawa nodded with a smile as she turned the file display off. “Are you sure you don’t want to negotiate with your employer? The same laws that protect enhanced and synthetic bodied persons also protect unimprinted and unmodified persons.”

“I’m sure. I don’t feel discriminated against, I just know that I can’t keep up.”

“Is there a reason you don’t want to become fully synthetic? It’s less expensive than your desired modifications when you add them all up.”

“Yeah, full synth just doesn’t feel right. I’m sure about this Doc. I know what I want and why.”

“If you’re sure, we’ll start by writing you a script for a psychologist. I have a recommendation if you don’t have anyone in mind.”

“Whoever will be just fine Doc.”

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