Museum of Sex

The Museum of Sex, or as it is fondly referred to; Mosex, is a 4 story box of a building featuring a minimalist, bright, and inviting interior. Upon arrival, I was greeted by a friendly doorman, who made me well aware that whatever expression was on my face was funny. The store takes up approximately 3/4 of the open floor plan, the remaining 1/4 of it sectioned off as a counter to ring up Mosex Store purchases and buy tickets from.

A hefty $14 to view exhibitions, I had no idea how to gauge the value because I didn’t know how much Mosex there was too see. I was greeted by a gaggle of giggling girls as I reached the 2nd floor landing, as well as the sound of confusing sex noises echoing around and across the room. I worried I wasn’t strong enough to do this alone. Was it weird to be alone? A young couple walked by me, connected by hand, feet, shoulder, and general closeness. Gross. People were gross and that couple sucked. I was uncomfortable. The first thing I saw was a clipped video in which one of OG pornstar Linda Lovelace’s manager was interviewed saying that Linda filmed at least 5? adult videos with animals. Dogs. The few lines played on a loop, creating a dizzying, nauseating experience that proved unbearable after a short amount of time.

The Museum of Sex is by no means devoid of sex. I saw orgasming video games, dogs fucking schoolgirls, cartoon porn, giant wooden dildos, and much more. I learned too much about animal sex, and hung out with two life size sex dolls suspended in a glass box. Adam and Eve.

Everything about the Sex Museum is bright and inviting. Aside from my own silent struggle and shame, it was a very nice place to be. I heard a lot of languages, saw a lot of things.

Mosex had an oddly sterilizing effect on my perception of sex in the days to come. Where was the forbidden and when had sex been so utterly and entirely commodified? Also what was up with the Linda Lovelace exhibit…

I wanted something a little more carnal and full-bodied, but not blindsided or morally questionable. (like their decision to devote an entire exhibit to linda lovelace only once stating the abuse and forced sex that she ‘allegedly’ faced at the hands of her boyfriend/manager. thanks guys!)

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