I____________________________________ (print), being of sound mind, body, and in full possession of my mental capacities, do hereby agree to both the spirit and the letter of this document. The following points of agreement have been laid out between the students and faculty of the program Poetry New York, to ensure that there is a clear understanding of what is expected of program members; only participants who produce work in compliance with this covenant, the program syllabus, and program guidelines and rules of The Evergreen State College, are eligible to earn credit awarded by the faculty. I have freely reviewed this covenant and agreed to it.


1) GENERAL PHILOSOPHY: This program is an experimental and collaborative enterprise, inclusive of both creative and critical work.


2) ATTITUDE: I will strive for excellence in all my work in the program.


3) CODE of ETHICS: Participation in Poetry New York requires that I behave within a code of ethics that includes inclusiveness, respect of diversity, affirmation of differences, mutual respect, cooperation, task dedication, sufficient and effective work, exchange of ideas, the sharing of materials relevant to the program, meaningful experimentation, and full compliance with the Social Contract at Evergreen.


  1. RESPECT: I hereby choose to express my understanding that truth is elusive. I understand that while I do not have to agree with the perceived truth of others I must behave with respect and consideration for those who express their views openly or show their artwork in public. I will strive to create a learning community where the expression of dissenting views is seen as an opportunity for the examination and exchange of ideas and for learning how to think differently. I recognize that I may be offended, disturbed, or angered by the work of others, and that this is an inevitable part of art-making. At the same time – as writer, speaker, and listener – I recognize that language always implies the existence of another, and therefore in its very being is a form of responsibility.


5) PARTICIPATION: I hereby choose to recognize that education at Evergreen is participatory. Failure to attend classes and class activity will automatically result in loss of credit. Missing work is not a credit-worthy form of silence. No lap-tops or other devices in the classroom please.


  1. COMMITMENT: I hereby choose to attend all classes and program functions on time, fully prepared, sober, not drugged, and open to learning (mine and others).


  1. WORK GUIDELINES: I hereby agree to follow the Program Guidelines. I will consult and abide by the College plagiarism policy.


  1. HARASSMENT: I will abide by the Sexual Harassment Policy. Faculty and students will do everything we can to foster a learning environment free from sexual harassment and from discrimination (please see The Evergreen State College’s Sexual Harassment Policy). We will not tolerate sexual harassment nor discrimination with respect to race, sex, age, handicap, sexual orientation, gender expression, religious or political belief, or national origin. Program participants who believe they have been party to sexual harassment or a discriminatory situation described above as part of their experience in the program are encouraged to consult with the faculty as soon as possible. Students can always talk confidentially to any of the many resource staff available on campus dedicated to offer confidential assistance in cases related to discrimination issues, rape, and sexual harassment.


  1. GRIEVANCE & CONFLICT RESOLUTION: I hereby choose to resolve all conflicts and disagreements related to the program pursuing the steps outlined below in the following order:
  • First Step: I will address directly and tactfully the person whose actions, in my view, allegedly caused what I see as a conflict. I will attempt to resolve the matter promptly taking into consideration the point of view of the person in question. If the issue is not resolved best by communicating directly with the person in question, I will pursue to Step Two.
  • Second Step: If Step One is not successful in resolving the matter, I will make a member of the program faculty aware of the situation confidentially and ask for intervention. If a Faculty member’s actions are the alleged source of the conflict, I may discuss it with the Faculty member directly or get advice from the Campus Grievance Officer in case dealing directly with the Faculty is not proper.
  • Third Step: If Step Two is not successful in resolving the matter, or the issue involves a faculty member and direct discussion has not been satisfactory, I will make one of the Academic Deans aware of the conflict.

After Step Three, I will follow Evergreen’s Grievance Process. In case that talking to faculty or deans is uncomfortable or embarrassing, our campus has staff dedicated to offer confidential assistance in cases related to sexual harassment and other discrimination concerns. The College also has available for me a Grievance Officer who helps advise people who are facing conflictive situations and an office of Mediation Services that helps people who want to use mediation to resolve conflict.


  1. EVALUATIONS: A written Evaluation and Student Evaluation of Faculty, presentation of a Portfolio of Student Work, and an Evaluation Conference are required.








11. CREDIT: Full credit for this program is 16 credits per quarter. Students receive credit for fulfilling minimum requirements and standards. The Faculty, based on actual college level work completed on time only, will make a final credit determination. Incompletes will not be granted except under the most extenuating circumstances and only given after consultation with the faculty before the quarter‘s end. Credit award shall be based on the overall quality of my Portfolio, my completed contribution to the Joint Evaluation, evidence of my adherence to deadlines and schedules, attendance record, a required final evaluation conference, and clear evidence of my active participation in all program activities.


    1. ATTENDANCE: Attendance to all program events and the completion and timely presentation of required work for the rest of the quarter merits the award of full credit. Students are required to track their own attendance and apply the following “credit calculator”: deduct one credit for every class missed after the second absence, one half of a credit for every late arrival after the second such occurrence.


13. During the field trip to NY I recognize I will be expected to adhere to the highest professional standards in my work as a student, writer, and representative of the College. Failure to do so may result in my excusal from the program.





SIGNED: ___________________________________________ Date: __________________

By: ___________________________



























Poetry New York



Faculty:                     Office:                    Contact Information:                    Office Hours:

Leonard Schwartz    Com 360         867-5412  Tues: 9-10AM

Program assistant: Greta Pedersen


Program Description:


The goal of Poetry New York will be to immerse students in an intense and various writing world, as critical writers and pursuers of the poem. Daily contact with practicing writers, poets, translators, artists and publishers will advance each student’s writing horizons and range of reading possibilities, demystifying the practice and profession of writing to leave only the good mysteries at large – and students to advance in their own art.


Spring Schedule and Rooms:

  Class schedule for weeks 1-2 and 9-10 in Olympia

Monday: 10 to 12, Com 323; 1 to 4 Com 323

Tuesday, 10 to 12, Com 320; 1 to 4 , Com 323

Plus a weekly Salon Meeting: times set by students


 Class schedule for weeks 3 through 7 at Poets House:

10 River Terrace
New York, NY 10282
(212) 431-7920

Tuesday’s: 1-4, starting April 15th

(Also: Tuesday, April 22nd, 4PM, The Academy of American Poets, 75 Maiden Lane 10038, Jennifer Benka) 6PM, The Art of George Schneeman, Poets House, Opening

Thursday’s, 2:30PM, sometimes into the evening …

Thursday, April 17th, 2:45PM, The Paris Review, 544 West 27th, NYC 10001

5PM, New Directions, 8th ave and 14th (808th Ave)

Thursday, April 24th, 3:15PM, The New York Review of Books, 435 Hudson Street, NYC 10014

Poets Rodrigo Toscano, Julie Patton at Columbia University, 7PM

Thursday May 1st TBA (East Village)

Thursday May 8th :2:30PM, The Studio Museum in Harlem, 144 West 125th, 10027

Thursday May 15th TBA

Required Texts:  

Barbara Guest, Forces Of Imagination, Kelsey St. Press

John Ashbery  Selected Poems of John Ashbery, Penguin

Susan Sontag, Against Interpretation, Farrar, Straus & Giroux

Federico Garcia Lorca, Poet in New York, FSG

David Lehman, The Last Avant-Garde, Doubleday

Lila Zemborain, Mauve Sea-Orchids, Belladonna Books

Cecilia Vicuna, Spit Temple, Ugly Duckling Presse

Bruce Benderson, Sex and Isolation,The University of Wisconsin Press

Other readings: TBA, in photocopy



Recommended Texts:  

Frank O’Hara, The Selected Poems of Frank O’Hara, University of California Press

Ann Waldman, Iovis: All Is Full of Jove, Coffee House Press


Program Assignments for Credit:


All required readings and texts, class participation


Attend four poetry readings or performances a week:

write two book reviews or poetry reading reviews a week

of those events to be posted on the program web site


Weekly writing prompts (constraint based writing)


Independent Projects


Schedule: Texts


Week 1: “The Instructional Manual”, “A Last World”, and Rivers and Mountains (49-79) in Ashbery’s Selected Poems

The Last Avant-Garde, introduction, pages 19-65, 94-164, 284-304; O’Hara’s “Why I Am Not A Painter”…

Week 2  Barbara Guest’s Forces of Imagination ; Ashbery, 123-160

Week 3: Lila Zemborain’s mauve sea-orchids; Sontag’s “Against Interpretation” essay

Week 4: Garcia Lorca’s Poet in New York

Week 5: Cecilia Vicuna’s Spit Temple

Week 6; Benderson’s Sex and Isolation

Week 7 Ashbery’s Selected

Week 8: The Last Avant-Garde

Week 9: Susan Sontag’s essays

Week 10: Presentations



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