Accession 1971-01

Board of Trustees


Meeting Documentation : Temporary Advisory Council on Public Higher Education December 5-6, 1968.

  1. Policies - Resolution: Subcomittee on Policies
  2. Item 3 - Legislation establishing the Council on Higher Education
  3. Items 4,5,6,7 - (4) Bricker, Jim. Staff Report 68-6 "Senior College Concept : (5) Staff Report 68-8 "Higher Education Commission" : (6) Staff Report 68-9 "Metropolitan Graduate Centers" : (7) Staff Report 68-10 "Additional Facilities" (includes statements on TESC) : Summary of Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations.
  4. Item 8 - Memo, December 3, 1968 RE: changes in staff notes of 11/28/68 TO: Persons concerned with the Higher Education portion of the code revision project, FROM: Ralph E. Julnes, Joint committee on Education
  5. Item 9 - An Act relating to narcotic drugs,... - includes memorial to Congress for legislation allowing for obtaining cannibis for study of its effects on man, study requested by the legislature due to the use of such drugs by young people and college and university students.
  6. Item 10 - Staff Reort 68-11 Private Higher Education, includes Arthur D. Little, Inc., Public Support and Private Higher Education in Washington : A Memorandum to The Temporary Council on Higher Education. November 25, 1968 : and legislative recommendations from the Washington Friends of Higher Education.
  7. Special Studies - Subcommittee on Special Studies: (Parts I and II of this "report" are missing. It is probably part of another "Staff Report") Information for formulating policy on student financial aid. : Staff Report 68-3 Foreign Student Fees : Includes "An Act Relating to accountancy, ... additions and deletions.
  8. Management Procedures - Draft Act establishing a system of personnel administration for Higher Education institutions in the state : Draft Resolutions to the legislature a). commending the four year institutions for cooperation b). calling for analysis of the revenues generated by the management of state owned lands that benefit Higher Education in Washington State.
  9. Community Colleges - (see table of contents )(PDF)