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Accession 1971-02
Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education
TESC Pre-Founding History

Series: Higher Education Facilities Planing and Management Manuals 1971
.33 Cu. ft.

Storage Locator..1A1.2

Main Entry, RG...Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education

Accession Title..Higher Education Facilities Planning and Management Manuals.

Scope Note.......Contains seven volume planning guide used by early TESC planners.  Volume four missing.

Arrangement......Manuals 1 through 7 in sequence.

Physical medium..Pamphlet

Physical extent...3 CU. FT.

Provenance.......External Sources

Add Entry Corp...American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers

Add Entry Name...Dahlke, Harold

Jones, Dennis P.

Mason, Thomas R.

Romney, Leonard C.

Series Title.....Manuals

Subject Topical..Higher Education Facilities - Management