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Series : Mural (three panel 8'X12') 1972

De Lorenzo, Darci and Pantley, Tony: A mural painting on three 4'x8' pieces of finished 3/4" plywood. Painting depicts early TESC history scenarios of the first operations year. It is currently mounted in the Library Stairwell wall to the basement level.


Evergreen’s First Year

Artists: Darci De Lorenzo

Tony Pantley

This mural depicts some memorable events that occurred on
The Evergreen State College campus in its first year of operation (1971-72).
The background represents the forested nature of the campus.
The following descriptions are from top to bottom:

Panel #1: The top represents “Space, Time, and Form” Coordinated Studies Program’s Mount Saint Helens’ Spirit Lake retreat and the College’s emergency housing.  Just below is President McCann’s welcome letter to the first students (including an original signature).  Nearby is a Geoduck.  The next scene is of a student speaking to the 1967 Legislature, representing TESC’s easygoing relationship with State Government and an apple on a tree (representation unknown).  The last scene is of a smiling Geoduck, representing the school mascot.

Panel #2: The top quarter shows a dog and guitar case, illustrative of the early dog population and favorite music instrument of the time.  A continuation of the emergency housing detail from panel #1 and Toilets with ARA Slater Food Services personnel indicating that Food Services hasn’t changed much over the years.  Beneath is a view of  Mayday festivities with the traditional nude female and a no dogs allowed sign being “watered” representing the independent spirit on campus.  The next illustrations are representative of the Library’s first “46 tons of books”, and “Kissing Rock” where students went for romantic interludes.  At the bottom is the ever present VW Beetle on the yellow brick road of this fantasy place.

Panel #3: The first third illustrates the Clock Tower with Mickey Mouse hands and a person (probably faculty member Willie Unsoeld) rappelling from the top. (This activity has become a tradition).  The mirror detail in the center represents the self evaluation process and the Volkswagen Microbus being towed was a common sight of the times.  The last image is a detail of the Dorms and the consistent call to the local fire brigade to extinguish the burning toast.