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Summer Classes

Summer Class Offerings 2004

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Culture, Text and Language

Environmental Studies

Expressive Arts

Extended Education

Graduate Studies

Native American Studies

Scientific Inquiry

Society, Politics, Behavior and Change

Tacoma Campus

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ACC Advanced Computing Classroom, LIB 2nd fl.
CAB College Activities Building
CAL Computer Applications Lab, LAB II, 1st fl.
COM Communications Lab Building
CRC College Recreation Center
GCC General Computing Classroom, LIB 2410
SEM Seminar Building
LAB I Sciences
LAB II Arts and Sciences
LC Longhouse Education and Cultural Center
LH Lecture Hall
LIB Library Building
MC Macintosh Classroom, LIB 2nd fl.
MES Master of Environmental Studies
MIT Master in Teaching
MPA Master of Public Administration
TBA To be announced, check Web for updates

Prerequisites—Some courses require specific academic preparation for enrollment. If no prerequisites are listed, none exist.

Special Expenses—Significant added costs students should expect to pay while taking the course. If none are listed, there are no "special" expenses.

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