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Art of Mosaic Design and Fabrication
8 credits first session
Margaret Tysver, 867-5911, tysverm
TTh 10 a.m.-4p, (including open studio hours)
Special expenses: $50-$75 for tile/stone, tools and fabrication materials. In addition, a refundable facilities fee of $10 will be charged at the beginning of the quarter to offset potential damage.
CRN: 40026

This class will explore various techniques of designing and fabricating mosaics. Students will learn to create mosaics incorporating glass and ceramic tile, stone and found objects. Four major functional and decorative applications will be discussed. Throughout the class, students will gain experience in the variety of materials associated with mosaics, and then concentrate on one project, including mounting and grouting to a finished product-tabletop, mural, mirror, floor or wall inlay, garden architecture, etc.

Artists' Retreat
8 credits first session
Amy Fisher; 491-2310, acfgsf
June 21-25, MTWThF, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; Sat. July 3, 10, 17, 24, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Special expenses: $75-$100 for art supplies
CRN: 40031

This intensive program in a beautiful natural setting will provide an opportunity for students to learn the fundamentals of drawing, watercolor painting and the history of artists' engagement with land and landscape themes. Faculty will offer workshops and individual instruction in mixed media drawing and watercolor painting techniques. Illustrated presentations on the history of landscape painting will allow students to understand that they are part of an important tradition, one of humankind's most significant expressions of culture. Workshops will help students develop perception skills and methods for interpreting and discussing art. After the intensive instruction week, students will meet on Saturdays for field trips, discussion of the landscape art text, sharing work and presentations. This class is appropriate for beginners as well as for those with some art background.

Arts of Heaven and Earth
8 credits first session
Hirsh Diamant, 867-6736, diamanth
MTWTh 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Special expenses: $65 for art materials and event tickets
CRN: 40032

Since antiquity the arts have been the medium of communication, understanding, and harmony between heaven and earth. Students in this class will be experientially engaged in the arts of Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism and Islam, European Renaissance and the New World. Each week invited master artists will lead the study and practice in one of these five cultures. This study will include thangka, Icon and Slavic egg painting, Tai Chi practice, as well as experiences in egg tempera and watercolor painting, mask making, I Ching consultation and bookmaking. Students will visit temples, museums, and artists' studios with the instructor.

Ballet, Beginning
2 credits first session
Jehrin Alexandria, 867-6605, alexandj
MW 12-1:15 p.m.
Special expenses: $20 for dance aid, pianist and guest lecturer
CRN: 40033
Students in this class will have fun learning the basic ballet vocabulary and steps.

Basic Voice
4 credits first session
Marla Beth Elliott, 867-6096, elliotma
June 28-July 15, MTWTh 5:30-9:30 p.m.
Special expenses: $15-$20 for accompanist and sheet music
CRN: 40114

Singing is one of life's great physical pleasures and your birthright as a human being. Start by intensely experiencing your vocal chords vibrating your body. Continue by creating group vocal improvisations. Finish with a new understanding of tone production, singing styles, and working with other musicians. Develop strength and flexibility in the complex set of muscles that make music in your body. All skill levels welcome.

Book Arts
4 credits second session
Steven Hendricks, 867-5745, hendrics
T 12-4 p.m. F 8 a.m.-5 p.m.
Special expenses: $50--$200 for required tools, materials and individual projects
CRN: 40037

Through conceptual and technical challenges, students will gain proficiency in the art and craft of bookmaking and explore concepts associated with contemporary book arts. Weekly assignments, individual projects, and critical texts will create the framework for discussing the relationship between form and content in our work.

Ceramics: Wheel Throwing
4 to 8 credits first session
Mike Moran, 867-6988, moranm
MW 10 a.m.-3 p.m.
Special expenses: $100 for clay, tools and $40 user fee
CRN: 40050

This is an introduction to making ceramic forms on the potter's wheel in stoneware and porcelain clays. The course will cover high-fire glazing and aesthetics of forming and finishing thrown pieces.

Copyright, Music and Technology
4 credits second session
Aaron Kruse, 867-6842, krusea
TTh 1-5 p.m.
Special expenses: $20 for lab fees
CRN: 40061

As technology changes, so does the way that music is created, distributed and consumed. This course will look at the history of music technology and examine current issues involving music, copyright, technology and the business of the music industry. The course will also study the use of sampling, collage and found sound in modern music and we will learn basic digital audio editing. Students will create audio collage pieces in addition to reading and doing journal assignments.

Dance Movement Therapy
4 or 8 credits second session
Karen Kirsch, 236-8106, kirschkh
MTuWTh 1-5 p.m.
Special expenses: $25 for supplies
CRN: 40214 (4 cr), 40689 (8 cr)

Some say, "Movement never lies." If so, how can we use movement to better understand ourselves and others and as a tool of transformation? Movement as communication and as a healing process has been important for centuries, but movement therapy as a field began in the 1940--50s. In this course we will explore the theory, practice and history of movement therapy. Our class work will draw from authentic movement, Chasian group therapy, improvisation, body/mind centering and Laban movement analysis.

Digital Audio and Music Composition
8 credits first session
Arun Chandra, 867-6077, arunc
MTWTh, 12-4 p.m.
Special expenses: $30 for concerts
CRN: 40075

This course will cover the fundamentals of computer programming for digital audio and music composition. Students will learn about the mathematics of waveforms, the history of computer-generated music, and the aesthetics of music composition, as well as algorithms for FM and AM synthesis, digital filters, mixing, and reverberation. The class will also introduce direct waveform synthesis, granular synthesis, and direct waveform modification. The course will cover the basics of C programming under the Linux operating system, using the gcc compiler. There will be weekly readings in aesthetics and music composition. Students will be expected to complete at least one music composition, as well as weekly projects, a short paper on digital synthesis, and a journal of listening assignments.

Digital Video Editing I
4 credits first session
Kevin Bunce and David Cramton, 867-6277, kevinb or 867-5505, cramtond
MW 5-8 p.m.
Prerequisites: Basic computer skills
Special expenses: $40 for program fee plus additional lab fee
CRN: 40076

Recent advances in desktop editing tools have empowered a new generation of media makers. In this class you will learn basic editing theory plus the basic feature set of Final Cut Pro 4 and how to use it for editing and creating titles and effects for film and video projects. You will also learn how to use Photoshop to enhance your productions. No previous experience with FCP is required; basic computer skills are.

Digital Video Editing II
4 credits second session
Kevin Bunce and David Cramton, 867-6277, kevinb or 867-5505, cramtond
MT 5-8 p.m.
Prerequisites: Signature of faculty required
Special expenses: $40 for program fee plus additional lab fee
CRN: 40003

Recent advances in desktop editing tools have empowered a new generation of media makers. In this class you will learn the advanced features of Final Cut Pro 4 and how to use it for editing and creating titles and effects for film and video projects. You will also learn how to use Photoshop and Aftereffects to enhance your productions and create motion graphics. Digital Video Editing 1 class or previous experience with FCP is required.

Drawing in Series
8 credits first session
Marilyn Frasca, 867-6043
TuWTh, 9a-4p. First class meets Tuesday, June 22, 9 a.m.
Special expenses: $15 for model fee and approx. $75 for art supplies
CRN: 40004

Students will create a series of visual variations on a theme of their own choosing. Faculty will provide drawing, writing and critique sessions to aid this process. Explorations of a variety of drawing methods and materials may be used to challenge the content and form of chosen themes. Students should expect weekly assignments that are designed to build skill at image making and imagining. In lieu of drawing experience, you must have good spirit and determination.

Drawing, Introduction
4 credits second session
Kathy Gore Fuss, 786-1096, gorefuss
MW 12-4p
Special expenses: $60 for materials and/or model fees
CRN: 40665

This studio class is designed for students of all levels of experience to develop and enhance their skills in drawing. Students will explore a variety of drawing materials. Two-dimensional techniques and concepts covered in this course will include an introduction to color theory, basic principles of composition and experimentation with mixed media. This course will build on the first session course, Drawing in Series, but is open to anyone interested in improving drawing skills.

Enhancing Creativity and Literacy
8 credits first session
Debra Kilcup and Lois Wofford, DK98502; lwofford
MT, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
CRN: 40016

This class, of primary interest to teachers, introduces ways to use the full spectrum of arts to make children's literature and other subjects come alive. We will examine ways to increase students' confidence in learning by incorporating movement, drama and musical elements in projects that inspire them to create. This is an "on-your-feet," hands-on experience that will open windows of possibilities in your classroom plans.

Experimental Animation Techniques
16 credits full session
Margery Brown, 867-6767, brownm
TTh 10 a.m.-4 p.m.
Special expenses: $110 for workbook, handouts, production materials, technical support
CRN: 40041

Students will collaborate on stop motion animation projects created in digital video and motion picture formats. The basics of animation theory, motion and technique will be studied through modeling objects in clay, sand, cutouts, and drawing on film. Studies will emphasize an experimental approach supported by lectures and screenings. Prior knowledge of image making, computing, sculpture or drawing is not necessary. Attendance and participation at all sessions is essential for full credit. http://academic.evergreen.edu/curricular/eat/home.htm.

Fiction Laboratory
See listing under Culture, Text and Language.

Film Production: Start to Finish
8 credits second session
Kevin Bunce and David Cramton, 867-6277, kevinb or 867-5505, cramtond
WTh 5-8 p.m.
Special expenses: $150 for film, processing, transportation, transfers and production costs
CRN: 40046

This workshop-style course leads students through the entire production process from choosing a script to final editing. The entire class is the crew for the production of a 5--10 minute sync-sound 16MM film. This class is designed to build practical and technical knowledge of real-world film production practices, including scheduling, budgeting, set etiquette, location and studio lighting, sound recording, lab techniques and film-to-video transfer and editing. Students work in art, costume, camera, lighting or production departments as on a real-world production.

Film, Introduction to
4 credits first session
Laurie Meeker, 867-6613, meekerl
TTh 6-10 p.m.
Special expenses: $150 for film stock and processing
CRN: 40047

This course will introduce students to the art of film through weekly screenings and instruction in Super-8mm filmmaking techniques. Students will learn the properties of film stocks, lenses, and the moving image. We will examine film form through a series of screenings, considering first the classical narrative, then examining alternative film practices-documentary and experimental forms. Analyzing films will contribute to the development of our own filmmaking practice. Students will shoot film weekly to develop skills in cinematography and will have the opportunity to edit Super-8 film as well. Cameras are available through Media Loan, but it would be great to start looking for your own at thrift stores and garage sales!

Furniture Making, General
4 credits second session
Daryl Morgan, 867-6228, morgand
TTh 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Special expenses: $75 for materials
CRN: 40063

A first course in methods of designing and building fine furniture. Students will be introduced to a variety of design concepts including the five classical orders, the golden section and its variations, and Japanese and Chinese approaches to line, space, and form. Students will also learn to draw to scale and to work with conceptual models, full-size mock-ups, and prototypes. The construction portion of the course will emphasize traditional Japanese and European joinery methods and techniques. Students will be introduced to the appropriate use of fine hand tools, power tools, and large woodworking machinery.

Heart of the Matter: Spiritual Practice in Daily Life
8 credits second session
Doranne Crable, 867-6085
Days and times TBA
Special expenses: Drawing supplies
CRN: 40129

How can one person possibly make a difference in the world? Asking the question is a first step toward knowing one's intentions and purpose. By integrating mind and heart, we begin bringing our spirituality into service to others in daily life. Through reading, discussion and viewing films we will reflect on how others have actively engaged their spirituality in many areas of daily life. This will be the foundation for considering your own work.

Irish Language, Spoken and Sung
See listing under Culture, Text and Language.

Let's Dance
8 credits full session
Kabby Mitchell, 867-6336, mitchelk
TW 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Special expenses: $20 for performance
CRN: 40151

This course will be a basic comprehensive introduction to movement. We will investigate African American dance styles and modern dance. Students will keep a weekly journal and read several books for seminar. Students will be responsible for a final dance-related project at the end of the quarter. No prior dance training is necessary.

Metal Casting, Introduction
4 credits first session
Bob Woods, 867-6228, woodsb
MW, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. plus two field trips
Special expenses: $170 for materials, supplies and 10 lbs. Bronze
CRN: 40160

This class is an introduction to the processes and techniques of foundry casting in metal. Students will experience mold-making of various models, direct-wax fabrication and plaster-based investing. Foundry processes will include green sand molding/casting and lost-wax casting in bronze. Post-casting techniques of chasing and patina application will complete the work.

Mind, Movement and Meditation
4 credits first session
Jehrin Alexandria, 867-6605, alexandj
MW 9-11 a.m. Tu 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Special expenses: $25 for guest speakers and supplies
CRN: 40163

In this course we will explore ourselves and the dimensionality of our mind through a variety of movement and meditation/focusing techniques. We think we are only our bodies but could we be more? We will be journeying into different parts of our brain and will learn to recognize alpha states of consciousness. In this introspective class we will be gaining tools for change and greater personal awareness by becoming the active observer. Wear loose-fitting clothes for comfort.

Moving Image: Digital Filmmaking
8 credits first session
Sally Cloninger, 867-6059, cloninsj
WThF 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
Special expenses: $75 for post-production lab fee and digital video tape
CRN: 40165

This hands-on and critical approach to the study of digital filmmaking has been designed to give each student expertise with field production and post-production techniques. It will be fast paced and require considerable production work outside of class. The completion of a series of short digital video exercises that explore autobiography, continuity, visual humor, and landscape will be the basis for successful completion of this workshop. No previous media production experience is required.

Multitrack Audio Production
16 credits full session
Terry Setter, 867-6615, tas
MW 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tu 10 a.m.-1 p.m.
Special expenses: $50 for supplies
CRN: 40166

This program will develop students' ability to listen critically and provide instruction and exercises in the eight-track recording studios. There will be written assignments based upon readings in the program text, and a final research presentation will be given in class. Students will do at least 90 hours of recording and familiarization work in the eight-track studios. They will record local musicians and produce finished mixes of the sessions.

Music, Computers and MIDI
8 credits first session
Peter Randlette, 867-6279, pbr
TW, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
Special expenses: $60 for photocopies, CD-R and cassettes
CRN: 40167

Creating music with the help of modern personal computers is becoming both easier and more sophisticated with the advent of new programs designed for musicians instead of computer programmers. This program will explore producing music using the Macintosh platform with sequencer software, samplers, synthesizers and basic audio systems. The only prerequisite is an interest in music and a willingness to explore new sounds. This program may continue (as a group contract) in the second session.

Natural Dyes: History and Technique
4 credits second session
Liz Frey, lfrey
MW 12-4p
Special expenses: $30 for dyes and materials
CRN: 40170

Use natural substances to produce a broad palette of colors on fiber. Work with traditional dyestuffs that have been in use for thousands of years, and collect and experiment with local plants. Gain an understanding of the properties and interactions of color and familiarity with the natural dye pallet. Weekly studio assignments focus on the expressive use of color. Final research assignment centers on the role of natural dyes in history and contemporary art.

Neon - Shaping Light
4 credits first session
Doug Hitch, (360) 753-1950, shopdoug
TTh 4-7 p.m.
Special expenses: $145 for all materials and transformers
CRN: 40172

This course, taught by a neon instructor with more than 15 years of experience, will emphasize learning to safely use the following tools and skills: glass file, hand torches, ribbon fires, cross fires, testing pump, tesla coil, bombarding bench, vacuum gage, electronic and coil transformers. Instructions in how to safely wire and install your neon project. Students will have the opportunity to make up to three small neon projects. All materials for this class and one electronic transformer are included in the materials fee. Arrangements for purchase of additional transformers or exotic materials can be made with the instructor during the first week of the class.

Orissi Dance for Health
8 credits first session
Ratna Roy, 867-6469, royr
MTWTh, 4-8 p.m.
CRN: 40180

Conceived as movement yoga, Orissi dance from ancient India is holistic. We will study the history and practice of Orissi as composed of reflexology, meditation, yoga, energy channeling, and aesthetics. Through the "rasa" theory, we will work on the mind, spirit and body continuum. Beginning with explorations of the self, we will study community building through Orissi dance movement.

Photography in Italy
8 credits first session
Steve Davis, 867-6263, daviss
Study abroad
Prerequisites: A personal interview and faculty signature are required for admission into the program.
Special expenses: $4,200 for airfare, lodging, studio, travel and tours, and museum admission fees.
CRN: 40182

This class is designed for students of all skill levels. You will have the option to work with digital cameras and computers, as well as traditional film cameras. A professional color lab is available to outsource film and printing. The emphasis will be placed on gathering meaningful imagery over darkroom and print finishing. (These activities can occur second session using Evergreen's facilities, with the option of furthering the project through an individual learning contract.) There will be scheduled lectures and tours of cultural and artistic significance, and optional drawing workshops. Critiques of in-progress works and photographic training sessions will occur regularly. By the end of the session you will have a cohesive body of personal work accompanied by a suitable narrative text. Your artistic approach to form and subject matter will be up to you, but presumably informed by your experiences and explorations of the Italian culture. http://www.study-abroad.info/italy.html

Photography, Color
4 credits first session
Hugh Lentz, 867-6313, lentzh
MW 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Prerequisites: Black and white darkroom experience
Special expenses: $200 for film, paper, processing and text
CRN: 40056

This is an introduction to the color photography process of printing from color negatives. There will be lectures and workshops in the rudiments of color theory, color film, the color spectrum of natural and artificial light and the mechanics of the color darkroom. Students will develop the tools to pursue their own projects. Students who wish to continue second session may do so through a group contract for up to 8 credits.

Printed Word
4 credits full session
Steven Hendricks, 867-5745, hendrics
M 8 a.m.-5 p.m. T 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Special expenses: $25--$100 for materials
CRN: 40196

In this introduction to the art and craft of letterpress printing, students will learn the basics of fine printing through a series of assignments designed to provide conceptual, technical, and creative challenges. Through readings and in the process of learning to use the press, students will build an understanding of issues in typographic design, the history of fine printing, and theoretical principles of contemporary book arts.

Projects in Weaving and the Fiber Arts
4-8 credits first session
Gail Tremblay, 867-6334, tremblag
MW 3:30-5 p.m. and TTh 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Students enrolled for four credits are required to come the first Monday and thereafter to attend on TTh. Students enrolled for eight credits will be required to attend all four days.
Special expenses: Cost of materials will vary according to student's project designs. Beginning weavers can expect to spend $30-$50.
CRN: 40198

Beginners will be required to do a four-harness sampler and at least one off-loom project, while more advanced students will do more sophisticated projects of their own design. The class will include a field trip to Seattle to buy materials the first week. Beginning students will be expected to read Shirley Held's "Weaving: A Handbook for the Fiber Arts." Advanced students will read books suited to the projects they design.

Sculpting with Ed
4 credits second session
Ed Wicklander,
TTh 8 a.m.-12 p.m.
Special expenses: $100 for lab fees and guest lecturers
CRN: 40084

This class is designed for students with experience making sculpture and for motivated beginners. Students will have the opportunity to refine their sculptural techniques and advance their skill level to further articulate their visual ideas. Woodcarving and metal-working techniques will be demonstrated and taught along with a variety of finishing options. This session is devoted to the making of objects, experiencing the rhythm of work and the discovery of ideas found through the use of materials.

Street Theater
8 credits second session
Ratna Roy, 867-6469, royr
MTWTh, 4-8 p.m.
CRN: 40102

Political street theater has developed into a sophisticated theater art in many Asian, African, and Latin American countries. We will study the street theater (also known as hit-and-run theater, guerrilla theater, jatra or cockroach theater) of some of these countries. During the last week of the quarter we will create our own statement pieces that we will perform in Olympia.

8 credits first session
Paul J. Sparks, 867-6024
MT 9 a.m.-4p and W 9 a.m.-1 p.m.
Special expenses: $135-$180 for photo supplies and lab fees
CRN: 40104

This class is an intensive, hands-on, all levels, black-and-white photography workshop. Structures will include weekly technical and seeing workshops, group critiques and one-on-one tutorials. Instruction will be from the aesthetic and technical perspective with a strong emphasis on seeing, as well as on technical competency and craftsmanship. There will be basic skills workshops for beginners, but advanced students should be willing to work on their own on self-defined projects. Independent Learning Contracts will be available for people who wish to continue their work in the second session.

Tools of the Trade
8 credits full session or 4 credits second session
Daryl Morgan, 867-6228, morgand
TuTh, 5-9 p.m.
Special expenses: $75 for materials
CRN: 40106 (full session), 40760 (second session)

The course introduces students to the rich history of woodworking tools and their use in Europe, North America, and Asia. We will examine the social, cultural, political, and economic contexts within which these craft traditions developed as a way of understanding the forces that have driven the evolution of the decorative arts. The course will provide ample opportunity for hands-on experience with a full range of Japanese, Chinese, and European hand tools. Students will also make two heirloom-quality hand tools of their own-a traditional English bow saw and a wooden-bodied hand plane.

Visual Design for the Web
4 credits first session
Arlen Speights, 867-5076, speighta
TTh 5:30-9:30 p.m.
Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with computers, tolerance for Mac OS
CRN: 40111

Web design with an emphasis on design. We'll hand-code HTML; use PhotoShop's Web features; control Web browser display using layout tables and CSS; and get acquainted with current Web standards and trends. No upper-division credit.

Vocal Music Instruction
4 credits second session
Mark Anton,
WTh 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
Special expenses: $20 for videotape of recital
CRN: 40112

Mark Anton, a working professional singer with the big bands of Hollywood, will teach students how to expand their own unique vocal abilities and experience the joy of singing in a supportive environment. Discover your natural singing style while gaining confidence to sing in public. Students will sing individually and as an ensemble, practicing a wide range of styles including swing, jazz, Broadway and pop. The course will culminate with the annual Krash Kourse Singers' brown bag luncheon recital.

Web Design, Advanced
4 credits first session
Arlen Speights, 867-5076, speighta
MW 5:30-9:30 p.m.
Prerequisites: Fluency with HTML code, tolerance of Mac OS
CRN: 40116

Get current with where Web design is and where it's going. We'll update our HTML to XML standards and accessibility needs; convert tables to CSS and redesign using CSS layout; and get acquainted with data-driven and dynamic Web technologies.

Wood Sculpture and Wood Carving
4 credits first session
Joe Tougas, 943-8552, tougasj
MW 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Special expenses: $100 for materials, lab fee
CRN: 40117

Students will learn to use a variety of carving and sculpture tools, and how to approach various woods as an artistic medium. An introductory project-carving a spoon-will introduce basic skills. A sharpening workshop will teach care of knives and gouges. Design sessions will develop skills in 3-D thinking, model-making and sketching ideas on paper and in clay. Students then will create original projects as they learn traditional techniques.

Working With the Landscape: Artists' Retreat
8 credits second session
Bob Woods, 867-6228, woodsb
MWF, July 26, 28, 30, and Aug. 9, 11, 13, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. Aug. 1-8, retreat on Washington coast.
Prerequisites: Signature of faculty required
Special expenses: $200 for supplies, food and cook
CRN: 40118

This session will begin with an overview of environmental artists and their work. Then we are off to the Pacific Coast where we will camp in community and explore our versions of this and other forms of self expression. Away from daily routine, we will engage the elements of the natural environment through drawing, writing, sculpture and photography. As outward perception combines with inner vision, participants will create a body of work uniquely their own. This course is open to all levels of experience.

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