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Art of Wellness: Sociological and Biological Perspectives
8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
Willie L. Parson and Gilda Sheppard, (253) 680-3034, parsonwl or (253) 680-3033, shepparg
Tacoma Campus
CRN: 40027 (full session), 40028, (first session), 40029 (second session)

This program explores wellness in the context of family, work and leisure. The landscape of family, work and leisure is ever changing. Striking a wellness balance in this ever-changing landscape means understanding better the goals we set and the choices we make that can impact wellness. This program will focus on the social/emotional, cultural, intellectual, spiritual, and physical dimensions of wellness. We will look at how states of health change in response to the demands of work and family. Students will have the opportunity to investigate specific issues in women's and men's health and to do research on practical approaches to health and wellness. Basic nutrition concepts will be included among the topics in this program.

Education Law: Rights of Students and Teachers
8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
Artee Young, (253) 680-3026, younga; Barbara Laners, (253) 680-3037, lanersb
TW 6-9 p.m. Tacoma Campus
Special expenses: $40 for reading materials
CRN: 40010 (full session), 40011 (first session), 40012 (second session)

This course is particularly recommended for teachers and future teachers, community advocates for children in schools, parents of school children, pre-law students and those anticipating careers in public policy. We will address legal issues affecting K-12 schools, teachers and students. U.S. Supreme Court decisions and federal and state statutes, including the Revised Code of Washington and the Washington Administrative Code, will constitute the major reading materials. The course will focus on specific constitutional provisions, particularly the First, Fourth and 14th Amendments. Issues to be explored will include but are not limited to due process hearings for suspended students, power of school officials to search student belongings, censoring high school newspapers, punishing vulgar speech at school, providing equal access for religious clubs in school facilities and drug testing for school athletes. Required written assignments will include one short brief (1-2 pages) per week and a final legal research memorandum.

Living the Arts
16 credits full session
Carl Waluconis, (253) 680-3032, waluconc
Tacoma Campus
Special expenses: $15 for museum trips
CRN: 40154

This course is an overview and will focus on the arts from the late 17th century to the present. We will examine the visual arts, music, architecture, and literature in order to better understand the role that they play in our daily lives.

Triple Decker Multimedia: Director, PhotoShop and Final Cut Pro
8 credits full session
Luversa Sullivan, (253) 680-3000, sullivlu
F 6-8 p.m. Sat 12-6 p.m. Tacoma campus
Special expenses: $60 for materials
CRN: 40110

Students will learn the basic skills in using Director MX (interactive software), Photoshop (photo manipulation software) and Final Cut Pro (video editor).

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