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      Program offerings beginning summer quarter Schedule
Status Title Session DAY=days
EWS=evenings, weekends
  American Indians Imagining Themselves First DAY: T, Th
  Art of Mosaic Design Second DAY: T, Th
Revised Arts of Transformation Full DAY: M, T, W, Th, F
  Ballet, Beginning First DAY: T, Th
  Book Arts: Artists' Books Second DAY: M, F
  Book Arts: Craft Intensives First DAY: M, F
  Ceramics: Wheel Throwing First DAY: M, W
  Commonplace Boxes of a Remarkable Kind First EWS: T, Th
  Creating Health With Awareness First DAY: T, W
  Dance Inquiry Full DAY: M, T
  Dance Movement Therapy Second DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Digital Photography, Introduction Second DAY: M, T, W
  Drawing Workshop First DAY: F
  Experimental Animation Techniques Full DAY: T, W, Th
  Film, Introduction Second DAY: T, Th
Revised Life Drawing First DAY: T, W
  Metal Casting, Introduction First DAY: M, W
  Moving Image: Digital Filmmaking First DAY: W, Th, F
  Multitrack Audio Production Full DAY: T, W, Th
  Music, Computers and MIDI First DAY: T, W
  Neon - Shaping Light Second DAY: F, Sat
  Photography, Color First DAY: M, W
  Printed Word Full DAY: M, W
Cancelled Puppetry Intensive: Student Originated Projects First DAY: M, T, W
  Relief Printmaking First DAY: T, Th
  Sculpting With Ed Second DAY: T, Th
  Shoji: Wood, Paper, Light First EWS: M, W
  Studies in Therapy Through the Arts Full DAY: T, W, Th
Revised Summerwork: Black and White Photography First DAY: M, T, W
  To India: Dance, Music, Video First EWS: Special schedule
  Vocal Music Instruction Second DAY: M, W
Cancelled Watercolor Painting First DAY: M, T, W, Th
  Wood Sculpture and Woodcarving First DAY: M, W
Revised Working With the Landscape: Artists’ Retreat Full EWS: Special schedule

American Indians Imagining Themselves


Art of Mosaic Design

8 credits second session
TuTh, 9a-5p
Special expenses: $50 for lab fees and art supplies
CRN: 40011

This class will explore various techniques of designing and fabricating mosaics. Students will learn to create mosaics incorporating glass and ceramic tile, stone and found objects. Four major functional and decorative applications will be created. Throughout the class, students will gain experience in the variety of materials associated with mosaics, and then concentrate on one project, including mounting and grouting to a finished product-tabletop, mural, mirror, floor or wall inlay, garden architecture, etc.


Arts of Transformation

8 credits either session or 16 credits full session
Hirsh Diamant, 867-6736
MF-open studio; TWTh, 8a-1p
Special expenses: $50 for art supplies, field trips
CRN: CRN:40015 (16 cr full session); 40489 (8 cr 1st session); 40490 (8 cr 2nd session).

This class will explore the traditions of transformational arts in different cultures and spiritual traditions. The students will be engaged in mask making, puppetry, painting, story telling, book writing and making, acting and will practice Tai Ji and healing arts. We will work with master artists from different spiritual traditions and draw inspiration from nature as the archetype of transformation. The students will also work with natural materials including wool and silk, create their own colors and paints, and work with natural elements of earth, fire, wind and water. We will sculpt with water examining and creating Flow Forms and water fountains.

Program Updates

Description updated, 8 credits either session or 16 credits full session, CRN:40015 (16 cr full session); 40489 (8 cr 1st session); 40490 (8 cr 2nd session).

Ballet, Beginning

2 credits first session
TuTh 11:30a-1p
Required Fees: $25 for pianist
CRN: 40017

In this class we will be learning the basic steps, form and movement qualities of ballet. Emphasis will be on proper stretching and alignment using additional exercise techniques. No experience necessary, ballet slippers required.


Book Arts: Artists' Books

4 credits second session
M, 1-4p; F, 9:30a-4p
Special expenses: $50 for personal art supplies and tools
CRN: 40023

Through conceptual and technical challenges, students will gain basic proficiency in the art and craft of bookmaking and explore concepts associated with artists' books past and present. Weekly assignments, individual projects, and readings will create the framework for discussing form and content in our art and exploring the possibilities of the book form. This course follows well but does not require Book Arts: Craft Intensive, and combines well with Printed Word.


Book Arts: Craft Intensives

4 credits first session
M, 1-4p; F, 9:30a-4p
Special expenses: $100 for tools and materials
CRN: 40024

Constant studio work and individual projects will give students proficiency in the art and craft of bookmaking. We will work through three traditional binding techniques: sewing on cords, coptic with endbands, and fully cased sewing on tapes with endbands. This course provides a good foundation for the related course, Book Arts: Artists' Books.


Ceramics: Wheel Throwing

4 or 8 credits first session
Mike Moran, 867-6988
MW 10a-3p
Required Fees: $40 user fee
Special expenses: $100 for clay and tools
CRN: 40026 (8 cr); 40027 (4 cr)

This is an introduction to making ceramic forms on the potter's wheel in stoneware and porcelain clays. The course will cover high-fire glazing and aesthetics of forming and finishing thrown pieces.


Commonplace Boxes of a Remarkable Kind

4 credits either session or 8 credits full session
Daryl Morgan, 867-6228
TuTh, 5-9p
Special expenses: $100 for materials
CRN: 40468 (full session), 40035 (first session), 40036 (second session)

Tansu, the wooden chests and boxes comprising the traditional cabinetry of Japan, are as strikingly beautiful and profoundly practical as the homes in which they are found. Whether simple and unadorned or highly decorative, they are as much a part of conventional Japanese interiors as are Shoji and Tatami. This hands-on course will give students an opportunity to construct a classic cedar and wrought iron chest while considering the evolution of Tansu design and style. Students are encouraged to enroll for the full ten-week session, but may enroll for either the first or second five-week session instead.

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Dance Movement Therapy

4 or 8 credits second session
Karen Kirsch, 236-8106
MTWTh, 1-5p
Special expenses: $20 for supplies
CRN: 40058 (8 cr); 40059 (4 cr)

Some say, "Movement never lies." If so, how can we use movement to better understand ourselves and others and as a tool of transformation? Movement as communication and healing process has been important for centuries but movement therapy as a form began in the 1940s and '50s. This course will explore the theory, practice and history of movement therapy. Our explorations will draw from Authentic Movement, Chasian Group Therapy, improvisation, Body/Mind Centering and Laban Movement Analysis. We will do reading, writing, seminar, and journal work as well as group and individual movement exploration. Contact faculty for first class assignment. Eight credit students meet four times weekly, four credit twice weekly.


Digital Photography, Introduction

8 credits second session
Steve Davis, 867-6263
MTW, 10a-3:30p
Required Fees: $200 for lab materials, text and film
CRN: 40060

This class is an introduction to photographic expression through digital means. Image making will take the forms of conventional photographic and digital prints and the World Wide Web. You will have full access to the Digital Imaging Studio and to our darkroom facilities. Class requirements include scheduled assignments and a final project consisting of new, photographically derived digital work. Students may continue their work second session through an individual contract with Steve Davis.


Drawing Workshop

4 credits first session
Marilyn Frasca, 867-6043
F, 9a-5p
Special expenses:
$60 for model fee and materials

This workshop is an opportunity for students to learn drawing techniques through the exploration of a variety of subjects including posed models, still life, landscape study and personal themes. We will concentrate on seeing what is there and will learn to develop visual ideas during studio and critique sessions. Students will be required to complete all assignments, attend all meetings and be responsible for presenting a portfolio of completed work at the end of the session.


Experimental Animation Techniques

16 credits full session
Margery Brown, 867-6767
TuTh, 10a-4p; W-open studio time
Special expenses: $120 for workbook, handouts, production materials, technical support
CRN: 40075

Students will collaborate on stop-motion animation projects created in digital video and motion picture formats. The basics of animation theory, motion and technique will be studied through modeling objects in clay, sand, cutouts and drawing on film. Studies will emphasize an experimental approach supported by lectures and screenings. Prior knowledge of image making, computing, sculpture or drawing is not necessary. Attendance and participation at all class sessions is essential for full credit. http://academic.evergreen.edu/curricular/eat.


Film, Introduction

4 credits second session
Laurie Meeker, 867-6613
TuTh, 1-5p
Required Fees:
$175 for film stock and processing

This course will introduce students to the art of film through weekly screenings and instruction in Super-8mm filmmaking techniques. For all you image makers who want to get your hands on celluloid, this is the opportunity to carry a Super-8 camera around for five weeks and learn the properties of film stocks, lenses and the moving image. We will examine film form through a series of screenings, considering first the classical narrative, then examining alternative film practices - documentary and experimental forms. Analyzing films will contribute to the development of our own filmmaking practice. Students will shoot film weekly to develop skills in cinematography and will have the opportunity to edit super-8 film as well. Cameras are available through Media Loan - but it would be great to start looking for your own at thrift stores and garage sales! You can achieve some beautiful visual quality with the Super 8mm format.


Life Drawing

4 credits first session
Lisa Sweet, 867-6763
Tu, 9a-12p and 1-3p; W, 9a-12p
Prerequisites: Basic drawing experience is good, but drawing beginners are welcome.
Required Fees: $40 (approx.) for model fees
Special expenses: Art materials
CRN: 40110 (4 cr)

This introductory course will focus on the expressive potential of the figure as well as human anatomy for artists. Specific drawing sessions will address anatomical structure, while others will explore the expressive power of figurative representation. In addition to developing a portfolio of original drawings, through an art appreciation component, students will consider the work of other artists whose work emphasizes the figure as subject, medium and metaphor. Students enrolled for 8 credits will have dedicated studio space and class time to make a substantial body of independent work. This course is ideal for anyone interested in drawing, especially those with little or no prior experience drawing from a live model.

Program Updates

Eight-credit option cancelled. Class will be for 4 credits only. Thursday meeting time cancelled.

Metal Casting, Introduction

4 credits first session
Bob Woods, 867-6228
MW, 9a-1p
Required Fees:
$170 for materials, supplies and 10 lbs. Bronze

This class is an introduction to the processes and techniques of foundry casting in metal. Students will experience mold-making of various models, direct-wax fabrication and plaster-based investing. Foundry processes will include green sand molding/casting and lost-wax casting in bronze. Post-casting techniques of chasing and patina application will complete the work.


Moving Image: Digital Filmmaking

8 credits first session
Sally Cloninger, 867-6059
WThF, 10a-4p
Required Fees:
$35 post-production lab fee
Special expenses:
$50 for 2-3 DV tapes; CD and DVD for storage.

This hands-on and critical approach to the study of digital filmmaking has been designed to give each student expertise with field production and post-production techniques. It will be fast paced and require production work outside of class. The completion of a series of short films that explore autobiography, continuity, visual humor, and nonfiction experiments will be the basis for successful completion of this workshop. No previous media production experience is required. Students will receive instruction in digital cinematography, location sound, design, lighting basics and digital editing (Final Cut Pro 4).


Multitrack Audio Production

16 credits full session
Terry Setter, 867-6615
TWTh, 10a-4p
Required Fees: $30 lab fee
Special expenses: $25 for supplies
CRN: 40126

This program will develop students' ability to listen critically and provide instruction and exercises in the eight-track recording studios. There will be written assignments based upon readings in the program text, and a final research presentation will be given in class. Students will do at least 90 hours of recording and familiarization work in the eight-track studios. They will record local musicians and produce finished mixes of the sessions.


Music, Computers and MIDI

8 credits first session
Peter Randlette, 867-6279
TW, 9a-5p
Special expenses: $60 for photocopies, CD-R and cassettes
CRN: 40128

Creating music with the help of modern personal computers is becoming both easier and more sophisticated with the advent of new programs designed for musicians instead of computer programmers. This program will explore producing music using the Macintosh platform with sequencer software, samplers, synthesizers and basic audio systems. The only prerequisite is an interest in music and a willingness to explore new sounds. This program may continue (as a group contract) in the second session.


Neon - Shaping Light

4 credits second session
Doug Hitch, (360) 753-1950
F, 1-5p, Sat, 9a-1p
Required Fees: $145 for all glass, electrodes, transformer to create one neon piece
CRN: 40131

The goal of the course is to give the student the skills and knowledge to design and fabricate several projects in the lighted glass medium of Neon. The student will focus on gaining the skills to safely use the following neon tools: glass file, hand torches, ribbon fires, cross fires, testing pump, tesla coil, bombarding bench, vacuum gauge, electronic and core/coil transformers. Instruction includes how to safely install and wire a neon project. Students will have the opportunity to make up to three small neon projects. All materials for this class and one electronic transformer are included in the materials fee. Arrangements for purchase of additional transformers or exotic materials can be made with the instructor the first week of class.


Photography, Color

4 credits first session
Hugh Lentz, 867-6313
MW, 9a-1p
Prerequisites: Black and White darkroom experience
Required Fees: $50 for lab use fee
Special expenses: $200 for photo paper, film and text
CRN: 40139

This class is an introduction to the color photography process of printing from color negatives. There will be lectures and workshops in the rudiments of color theory, color film, the color spectrum of natural and artificial light and the mechanics of the color darkroom. Students will develop the tools to pursue their own projects. For those who wish to continue, a group contract will be available second session for up to eight credits.


Printed Word

8 credits full session
MW, 9a-12p
Special expenses: $75 for tools and materials, lab fees
CRN: 40158

In this introduction to the art and craft of letterpress printing, students learn the basics of fine printing through assignments designed to provide conceptual, technical, and creative challenges. Hands-on experience and readings will give students a foundational understanding of issues in typographic design, the history of fine printing and theoretical principles of book arts. The course is perfect for writers and visual artists with any level of printmaking experience and combines well with Book Arts.


Puppetry Intensive: Student Originated Projects


8 credits first session
MTW, 10a-2p
Special expenses: $50 for art supplies
CRN: 40167

Participants in this intense program will develop, individually or in a team, a short student-originated experimental Puppet or Object Theater performance. The program will be organized as a learning community of artists. Faculty workshops and technical "clinics" will address specific project needs. Regular critiques will offer feedback on project development. Students will be expected to present their project weekly, at the end of the five weeks, and to develop collaborative, independent, and effective work modes.


Relief Printmaking

4 credits first session
TuTh, 12-4p
Prerequisites: Some drawing experience
Required Fees: $30 lab fee
Special expenses: $50-$75 for paper and materials
CRN: 40169

This course is designed for students to explore a wide variety of print methods, which fall into the category of relief printmaking. We will use monotypes, collagraphs, and block prints to create both editions and unique prints. Students will learn to use a variety of presses as well as how to print by hand. There will be weekly assignments and independent projects. The course will culminate in a print exchange and final critique.


Sculpting With Ed

4 credits second session
Ed Wicklander, (206) 784-7959
TuTh, 9a-1p
Required Fees: $75 for supplies and guest lecturers
CRN: 40171

This class is designed for students with experience in sculpture as well as motivated beginners. Students will have the opportunity to refine their sculptural techniques and advance their skill level to further articulate their visual ideas. Woodcarving and metal working techniques as well as various finishing options will be demonstrated and taught. This session is devoted to the making of objects, experiencing the rhythm of work and the discovery of ideas found through the use of materials.


Shoji: Wood, Paper, Light

4 credits either session or 8 credits full session
Daryl Morgan, 867-6228
MW, 5-9p
Special expenses: $100 for materials
CRN: 40469 (full session), 40175 (first session), 40176 (second session)

Shoji are wood and paper panels and screens that divide spaces in traditional Japanese homes. Though simply made, their bold geometry and rhythmic planes articulate complex structural and practical needs, defining space in nearly abstract and seemingly infinite ways. We will explore Shoji and the expressive power of unadorned form. Our method will be to engage students in constructing their own screens, panels and lanterns using traditional tools, materials and methods. Students are encouraged to enroll for the full ten-week session, but may enroll for either the first or second five-week session instead.


Studies in Therapy Through the Arts


Summerwork: Black and White Photography

8 credits first session
Bob Haft, 867-6474
MT, 9a-5p; W, 9a-12p
Required Fees: $50 lab use fee
Special expenses: $150-$200 for photographic supplies, film and paper
CRN: 40190

This intensive session is designed for students of all skill levels. Through weekly workshops and critiques we will learn the basics of using a 35mm camera (or larger format), methods and materials involved in making black and white prints, aesthetics of photography and a short history of the medium. Everyone is expected to participate in a final project which involves production of a book of photographs; each student will receive a copy of the book at the end of the program. Emphasis will be placed upon learning to see the world through the eyes of a photographer, taking risks with one's work and being open to new ideas. Beginning students will be required to work exclusively with 35mm equipment, but intermediate and advanced students will be expected to learn to use medium- and large-format cameras. Because of the intensive nature of the course, attendance and participation at all sessions is essential. Note: since demand for this program is always high and the class size is limited to 16, students who fail to attend the first day of class will be dropped.

Program Updates

MT, 9a-5p; W, 9a-12p

To India: Dance, Music, Video

8 credits first session
Ratna Roy, 867-6469
Will meet the 10th week of winter quarter and once a week during spring quarter for one hour
Special expenses: $3,500 for international and domestic travel (in India) - air,lodging and tuition in India. (Not included are food, local transportation and incidentals.)
CRN: 40192

A Study Abroad Program for cultural studies. Students will travel to Orissa, India, a land of art, architecture, dance, music and natural beauty. They will train under masters in dance, music (vocal, percussion/mardala and/or sitar), or yoga. The focus will be on cultural studies with various options for students. Will require commitment to instructor by March 4, 2005.


Vocal Music Instruction

4 credits second session
Mark Anton, (360) 870-7575
MW, 9a-1p
Special expenses: $20 for videotape of recital
CRN: 40195

Mark Anton, a working professional singer with the big bands of Hollywood, will teach students how to expand their own unique vocal abilities and experience the joy of singing in a supportive environment. Discover your natural singing style while gaining confidence to sing in public. Students will sing individually and as an ensemble, practicing a wide range of styles including swing, jazz, Broadway and pop. The course will culminate with the annual Krash Kourse Singers' brown bag luncheon recital.


Watercolor Painting


4 credits first session
Amy Fisher, 491-2310
First Class meets Wed. June 22, 7-9p, then MTWTh June 27-30, 9a-5p; Sat July 9, 16, 10a-2p.
Special expenses: $160 for painting supplies
CRN: 40196

Take a week out of your normal routine to immerse yourself in painting with watercolor. Develop your understanding of the nature and versatility of watercolor during intensive study, with mornings of group instruction featuring exercises and explorations followed by afternoons of individual instruction while you paint from nature. Expect to improve your understanding of color theory, expression of form and space and communication of intent using this fun, challenging medium. Our intensive week will be followed by two Saturday field trips to beautiful natural settings for plein air painting. This class is suitable for beginners as well as those with painting experience.

Program Updates

Schedule updated.

Wood Sculpture and Woodcarving

4 credits first session
Joe Tougas, 943-8552
MW, 10a-3p
Required Fees: $50 lab fee
Special expenses: $50 for tools, materials
CRN: 40201

Students will learn use of a variety of carving and sculpture tools, and how to approach various woods as a medium. An introductory project-carving a spoon-will introduce basic skills. A sharpening workshop will teach care and feeding of knives and gouges. Design sessions will develop skills in 3-D thinking, model-making and sketching ideas in clay, plaster and other materials. Students will create original projects as they learn traditional techniques, drawing inspiration from the great carving cultures of the world. There will also be a field trip to Seattle to look at carvings in museums.


Working With the Landscape: Artists' Retreat

8 credits full session
Bob Woods, 867-6228
July 14, 19, 21, 22, August 1, 3, 5, 10a-1p. Retreat: July 24-30
Required Fees: $220 for transportation, food/cook and supplies
CRN: 40202

In this intensive hands-on exploration of environmental art, students engage the elements of forest, river and tide through sculpture, drawing and photography. Study and practice (on campus) will affirm individual forms of self-expression and present ways of working with (in) the natural environment. On retreat, participants will camp in community on the Pacific coast where outward perception will combine with inner vision to create a body of work uniquely their own. A positive spirit and determination are required in lieu of previous studio art experience.

Program Updates

July 14, 19, 21, 22, August 1, 3, 5, 10a-1p. Retreat: July 24-30

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