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TESC Students Alaskan Southeast District Democratic Convention. Alaska May 1972 R-R. good .Talent/Participants: Script: Jennifer Wilke; Editing: Cynthia Streater and Greg Contee; Fiming: Cynthia Streater, Frederick Hoskinson, Greg Contee, Philip A. Boster, Randy Sunday and Roger Smith; Summary: Documentary history of the 1972 Alaskan Democratic Convention, conflict and resolution.
[by TESC student] Cambridge City Council Hearings. Pt.1 & 2 Cambridge, Ma.,1976 R-R good/excellent Summary: Dispute over laboratory experimentation at Harvard University - Specifically concerns bacteria e. coli
[unknown] African Liberation Day Celebration. Yakima, 1978 R-R good Summary: Exhibition of African music, dance and fashion: Participants, young women dancers and young men drumming are all of African descent; Gospel Singing; speeches concerning political situation in Africa and impact on the American People.
Bartone, Jeffrey Fathers Picture       Narrator talks about his relationship with his father while recalling the time he asked his father to take a picture of himself while spinning around.
Bockman, Rachel, Montgomery, Pat Childhood Dreams       A series of three different 2-D animation pieces with no plot. Beginning with a drawn animation of a little girl to heavy computer graphics and various geometric digital images.
Brezon, Betty
Ford, Kathryn
Jamieson, Lisa Donally, M.L
Batty, Jerri
Dinner       A drawn 2-D animation of stereotypical housewife images narrated by a sound sample of a husband and wife talking about there roles in throwing a dinner party.
Cannon, Bruce Video Kills   color video   Various ways of destroying televisions. A straightforward message.
Connor, Kathleen
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  • Institutional Antidote



A very abstract black and white film with images of a woman, light and shadows, a dancing figure, and various dreamlike qualities.


With Dianna Osborne, Joyce Sambataro, and Anne Schwendemann. Summary: Three women artists plus the filmmaker speak of their feelings and experiences with being a student of an academic institution such as college and also being a student of life and their communities.

Flaherty, Mary Ann No Regrets       A man on the television stresses the "importance of video recording" and other technologies while preaching about Jesus Christ. Images of TV screen jusxtaposed with outdoor setting and image of house, in which there are unusual occurances with a bar of soap and a pet cat.
Ford, Kathryn Girl Trouble       Using found footage and sownd from around the 1950's, this film cleverly conveys a message about certain female stereotypes.
Foster, Ben Biker Toad - (senior thesis) TESC, 2000 1/2" VHS. good additional credits at 0403 on footage meter. 5-7 minutes. Summary: Animation, Biker Toad
Hendricks, Sam [No Title]       A close up of a double exposed face appearing to be floating in blackness. Each head tells the same story with differentiating timing and slightly varied language.
Hunting, Randy Animation       A series of 2-D animation shorts with varying mediums: photography, drawing, sand, and computer graphics.
Jones, K.D. Limited Offer   (b& w film)   With David Appleby. Summary: An electronic music score carries the somewhat cohesive images of a man on a telephone, photos hanging on wall, and kitchen appliances.
McDonough, Christine &   Cannon, Bruce Custody       A woman intimately examines her body as a voiceover talks about the individual and body concept.
Melness, Lori Stonewall   1 min   2-D animation of a man running into a stonewall which reads "Don't kill 16 mil!".
Neary, Patrick Duty/Honor   (b& w film)   Actors: David Buckles, Dan Fosberg, Michael Shaudis, Mike Hall.Set during WWII, a young nazi soldier attempts to hunt down a potential P.O.W in the shadows of a dark abandoned building, when he is instead confronted by higher ranking officials to kill him off "face to face".
Osawa, Sandy & Vas A Bentwood Box       (Upstream Productions) Editing by Jeffrey Bartone. Executive Producer: Patricia Cosgrove. Sponsored by The Pacific Science Center. Summary: Craftsman Duane Pasco goes through the entire process of building a bentwood box.
Osborne, Greg Requiem       Screenplay by Gordon Dahlquist. Monologue by James Luckett. Score by Marc Bareca.
A black and white film of young male comrades hanging out. A voice over narration in monologue form is used to describe his feelings about smoking.
Steel, Christopher
  • Sculpting

Sounds of glass being crunched heard over black. A door opens the way for an animated figure to walk into a room. He begins to sculpt.

Produced by Christopher Steel with assistance from class (please click on title for description)