Evergreen State College Archives

Accession 1976-32

Mediaworks 1995-1996

Faculty: Marge Brown & Laurie Meeker



Monster In My Classroom

Produced by Amy Scott

Using 3-D animation and video, this piece is a portrayal of a young girl with dislexia traumatized by her cruel teacher.

Voices of Community

Produced by Alice Zilla

Interviews with: Toy Kay, founder of the Chinese fellowship of Olympia; Jose Valadez, founder of The Hispanic American Society of Olympia; Nat Jackson, working to defend civil rights and affirmative action in Olympia; Bonita Evan, Activist for the Native American community at TESC.


No Credits Available

In the form of a slideshow, an elderly woman and her children talk about their history, their struggles with poverty and how they overcame them throughth the strong will of "Gracie".

The Grinder And The Bottle

No Credits Available

A young man walking through the woods finds numerous objects and tries to innovate something with them.


Produced by Ryan Adams

A journey beginning with a car ride through a neighborhood and ending inside a decorated room, this partially animated film emphasizes the details in life and how fascinating they can become.


Shelley Hanna

A claymation piece about a man trying to write amongst the countless distractions surrounding him in his room.


No Credits Available

A solemn clay figure finds his way to a mysterious room where he unleashes the clouds, trees, and ocean breeze from a box of light. He then climbs in the box perhaps seeking solace.


Produced by Bradford Smith

The title of this piece indicates a great deal about its content. In a literal sense the film takes place inside a man's home where the viewer gets a look at his evening routine of cooking, eating, bathing, and sleeping with particular simplicity. The sleeping sequence is especially interesting not only because of the animated additions but becuase of how the sense of uneasiness lends itself to the meaning of the title.

Cage Decor

Produced by Christine Kennedy. With Gayle Beck

Shots of a young woman in various settings accompanied by a voice over monologue expressing an interesting perspective on the addictions of TV, mainstream media, and the freeing sense of discovering what lies "underground".

All The News That's Fit To Print...

Produced by Todd Bohannon & Jamie Souza. Including the voice and words of TESC faculty, Pete Bohmer.

A close up of a television tube switching form news channel to news channel, commercial to commercial and various audio recordings, mostly lectures, connect the theme about the harsh realities of the mass media industry.

Motionless Angel

Produced by Carlos Havier Sanchez

A very experimental piece using a lot of montage editing, color tinting, superimposing, with a kind of autobiographical narration in prose.

TV Child

Produced by Stacey Leann Handlin

A documentary about the affects of television, movies, video/computer games that parents think have on their children. Using a lot of clips from children's tv shows and videos as well as some interviews with parents.