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Label Info:
Could not find this tape while looking out for it in the back. The descriptions for this tape was filed in 76-08 (and definately seems like a student production), however the original file listed it as being 89-03 (which was also searched and not found).
Run Time:
Individual Contract Production

Produced by Kathleen Connor, 1989, 1994.

The Bridge

A woman's voice over a black screen begins, "An objective world does not exist...". What follows is a surreal montage of images and sounds. Kathleen uses a lot of feminine imagery (i.e. water, images of the female form) and representations of creation with beautifully captured images of nature, children, artists and various abstract perspectives from life.

Going Further

Although dated about five years later than The Bridge this piece seems to be a mere continuation as Kathleen uses very similar imagery that is edited in almost the same fashion. Going Further does use a lot more imagery of children at play or simply being curious with their surrounding environment.

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