Accession 76-08

Academic Affairs: Academic Deans: Faculty - Brown, Margery

Part Time Studies 1987/88: Motion Graphics (F, W, Sp)


Series: Student Projects

(in alphbetical order for those not on the videotape, in sequential order for those on videotape)

Student Name
Project Title


Bell, Corwin Vertical Horizon 538 ft., 20 frames no
Gilbreath, Todd The Hiker 394 ft., 4 frames no
Hertlein, Adam Stewart Newslight 47 ft., 28 frames no
Kareki, Janet
Damonte, Devon
P Film 65 ft., 31 frames no
Kluger, Joe Welcome to the World of Art and Life 146 ft., 20 frames no
Leyba, Mimi Stuff Fantasy 104 ft., 10 frames no
Paget, Reed Ruff Kut/Unmixed/Big Time Work in Progress without Ending 358 ft, 35 frames no
Uusilato, Paul Edited Workprint 654 ft, 6 frames no
Simpson, Connie Teddy Bears Picnic 31 ft, 34 frames, sound yes
Montgomery, Pat
Goglin, Scott
McHugh, Peter
Tonkin, Ron
PSA on Aids 25 ft., 11 frames yes
Wolfe, Chris Ruby in the Morning 53 ft, 30 frames, sound yes

Leyba, Mimi & Simpson, Connie

Music: Lawlor, Shawn
Audio: Goodmanson, John

Greener Dreams 122 ft, 2 frames, sound yes
Dally, Tess Marry Me and Move to Lacey 75 ft, 7 frames, sound yes
Wolfe, Chris Slugs in the City 35 ft., 33 frames, silent yes
Korpi, Tanya

Is a Tomato a Fruit or a Vegetable
Sleeping Lady

124 ft, 20 frames, silent



Peyser, Mark The Great Black Ball 124 ft., 19 frames yes
Bachman, Rachel The River 72 ft., 4 frames, pour quality audio