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Date Academic Program/Faculty/Creator
unknown Goldman, Adam Original cassette label:"Planet Egg, Adam Goldman"
Music tape, one song - "Planet Egg". Acoustic piece, includes guitar and vocals
Cassette Cabinet

Program/Contract Unknown
Faculty/Sponsor unknown

Gilliam, Onika and Others

Side A: "Media Hype"
Description: Short artistic piece on media hype, consumption and manipulation. Authors (on label): Julie, Onika, Steph

Side B: "Drugs"
Description: Short artistic piece on drugs. Authors (on label): Erica and Onika

Cassette Cabinet

Unknown - could be related to her work with the "Co-Respondents (Patricia Larson and Sandra Nisbet).


Livingston, Denise

I Shall Be Released
We're Alive
Women's Part in War
You'll Be Hearing from Me
They Tell Us
I am a Woman

On-line and CD cabinet







Program: unknown
Faculty: unknown
Student Performers: Thompson, Wanda and [ ], Paul.

Thompson, Wanda and "Friend"


Spatial. One guitar and Flute: untitled (#1 Wanda top of stairs, Paul at the bottom; #2 Wanda and Paul near the top of the stairs; #3 Wanda and Paul top of the stairs).


Wanda Thompson and Friend. One guitar, vocal and flute. #1. We used to know; #2. Down by the River ; #3 Wooden Ships; #4. Wooden Ships - 2

Audiotape cabinet




Group Contract: Learning Resource Group /
Steve Riggins


Chehalis Indian Education (2) 7.5" R-R


Audiotape cabinet



Evergreen Choral Group/ Recorder Group & Jazz Ensemble
Faculty: Chan, Donald.
Chan Christmas Concert 2 7" r-r audiotapes 1 hour 20 minutes. Library Foyer (2nd Floor) 7.5 ips  




Program: unknown
Faculty: Unknown
Student Performer: Maddox, Tom

Tom Maddox: Voice & Instruments Audiotape cabinet



Program: Unknown
Faculty: Gottlieb, Robert

Noon Concert: Recorder Players and Madrigal Singers Present Renaissance Music 1 7" r-r 7.5 ips Audiotape cabinet

Program Unknown
Faculty Unknown
Production: Richard Strauss
Engineering: James K. Rolin
Cover and label photo: Carl Cook
Liner Photo: Stuart Tilger & Craig Hickman
Emblem graphics: Joe Tougas
Airflow courtesy of Roger Thompson

Recorded at The Evergreen State College.

Special thanks to:

Dave Carnahan
Chas Davies
Dennis Lunder
Richie Moore
Chris Outwater
Ken Wilhelm
Mr. & Mrs. Louis White

Entropy Service

Side One:

Give it a Try. (J. White, 1974):vocal & guitar, J.B. White; vocal & bass, P. Langston; vocals, J. Cook, L. Waterfall; percussion, Retep Schmalz; vibes, Humphrey Williams; crown noise, the crowd.

Rainin' All Day Feelings. (J. Cook, 1974): vocal & guitar; Judy Cook; 2nd qutar & vocal, L. Waterfall; bass, J. White; synthesizer, P. Langston, piano, Richard Strauss.

Side Two:

Over the Mountain. (L. Waterfall, 1974): vocal & guitar, Linda Waterfall; vocal, banjo & bass, P. Langston; vocal & dulcimer, J. Cook; vocal & mandolin, J. White.

Songs to Myself. (P. Langston, 1974): vocal, guitars & banjo, Peter Langston; vocals, J. White, J. Cook; acoustic bass & vocal, L. Waterfall; percussion, Don Morrow; violin, Frank Ferrel.




Program: unknown
Faculty: unknown
Student Performers: Schroeter, David, guitar; Seiddentop, Cindy, vocals; Mead, Randy, flute.

Four Tunes: "Carlton Manor Blues", "Astral Musician", Orange Juice Journey", "The Teacher"

Recorded o2/25/1974 and mixed on March 4, 1974 in TESC Recording Studio by Chas Davies.

Audiotape cabinet




Program: Unknown
Faculty : Unknown
Student Performer/s: Schroeter,David, Guitar; Ken [ ], Fiddle; Sam [ ], vocals and harmonica; Seidentop, Cindy, vocals; Mead, Randy, flute



The Prog City Croakers Ad-Lib (Lazy Dog)
Recorded in the studio at The Evergreen State College

Audiotape cabinet






Program: unknown
Faculty: unknown
Student Performer(s) : Grant, Ruth Suzanne, et. al.

Program: Unknown
Faculty: Unknown:
Student Performer: Johansen, Darrell Ray

Susie Grant: Avantgarde 7.5" R-R audiotape
Note: On back- Susie and Friends, Vocals and Instrumentals



Original Electronic Music Compositions by Darrell Johansen
Greatest Hits
NOTE: Three tapes possibly done at other times- first one only is dated as per this entry

Audiotape cabinet




Program: Unknown
Faculty: Unknown
Student Performers: Mead, Randy, flute; Lott, Patty, voice; Ewing, Mary, piano; Brotman, Chuck, guitar


French Flute Music. Recorded in the TESC 2nd Floor Library Lobby






Individual Contract:
Facult y: Donald Chan /
Student Performer: Austin, Jayne

A Piano Recital by Jayne Austin
7.5" R-R audiotape
Venue: Recital Hall, Communications Bldg.
Note: Program included with tape

Audiotape cabinet



Program: unknown
Faculty: unknown
Performers: Unknown

Medieval and Renaissance

Side 1: Test Tone; Development of Polyphony; Secular Songs; French Secular Songs; Italian Secular Songs; Agincourt; Dam Jolie - de Machauf; Sacred Music - 15th Century

Side 2: Sacred Music 15th Century; Secular Music 15th Century; Sacred Music 16th Century; Secular Music 16th Century; Three Dances (exxcerpts); Programmatic Song.

2(duplicates) 7" r-r audiotapes, 7.5 ips. Recital Hall, Communications Bldg.

Audiotape cabinet




Concert: Evergreen Singers & Jazz Band


CLB Recital Hall, 4 p.m.

1981-82 Group Contract: Evergreen Student Music Project
  • Evergreen Album Submissions 7.5" R-R 7.5 IPS
  • Collaborations (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album) 1980(?)
  • E=mc2+-1db: or More Music to Fold Towels By 1981 (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album and cassette)
  • A Maze in Music: The Third Evergreen Album Project 1981 (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album)
  • Fresh Tracks: The 1984-85 Evergreen Album Project 1985 (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album)
  • Evergreen Student Music Project: 2010 (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album)
  • Evergreen Student Music Project 2011 (vinyl LP 33 1/3 rpm album)
  • Evergreen Student Music Project 2013 (CD also with 3 USB tracks))
  • Evergreen Student Music Project 2015 (CD) Burlingame, et. al.
  • 3E5



    Program: Unknown
    Faculty: Winden, William
    Winden's Class  

    Group Contract:

    Faculty: Dorrane Crable-Schumacher
    Composed by: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky
    Arranged for Sythesized Re-creation by Kim Katzer and Bill Martin
    Cover Design by and Artwork by Richard Howard
    Lettering by Robin Katzer
    Photography by Jay Blakesburg
    Pressed at K&M Studios, Burbank, Ca.
    Copyright 1985 by Kim Katzer and Bill Martin

    Thanks to: Dorrane Crable-Shumacher, Peter Randlett, Lloyd Colfax, Kevin Jones, Joe Dillon, Jim Stonecipher, Ed Trujillo

    Special Thanks to: Terry Setter, Robin Katzer, Henny Curry, Richard Martin, Phyllis Martin, William Holden, Joseph White, Terry Katzer

    Nutcracker: An Electronic Adaptation

    Side One
  • Overture - Keys: Charles Davis
  • March - Keys: Cynthia Jones
  • Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies - Keys: Charles Davis
  • Russian Dance - Keys: Jennifer Silvernale
    • Computer Programming: Mark Rensal
    Side 2
  • Arab Dance - Keys: Kim Katzer
  • Chinese Dance - Keys: Charles Davis
  • Dance of the Reed Flutes - Keys: Cynthia Jones
  • Waltz of the Flowers - Keys: Charles Davis and Bill Martin


    Program/Contract unknown
    Faculty/Sponsor unknown
    Student: Jaworski, Teresa

    Evergreen Blues (cassette - lyrics in case) 3E5
    1994 sometime

    Recorded on T.E.S.C. 4-Track
    in B103 by ADAM GOLDMAN

    Jeff Henry
    Laurence Dunn
    Kevin Riach

    The Schidt

    Original cassette case label:
    "The Schidt
    "Tomato Paste"
    "Soiling My Oats"

    Decription: Music tape, two songs - "Tomato Paste" and "Soiling My Oats". Acoustic music, includes guitar, drums and vocals

    Cassette Cabinet