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Series: Student Originated Publications

Program or Contract Title
Faculty Title Comments
1990, 1991 Evergreen Natural History Journal

Brown, Jovana and
Sluss, Robert

Evergreen Natural History Journal
Vol 1, Winter 1990
Vol 2 Winter 1991

Editors Nikki McClure and Scott Richardson
Editors Paul Cryon and Nikki McClure
2005 Unknown Unknown An Oral History of the Evergreen Woods Miller, Jessie. Art by Taylor, Laura [2005]
2007/08 Individual Contract: Aerick Macintosh Blevins, James Covington Detour No. 1(comic)

Author statement:
Duckhugger, Aerick

2008 Unknown

Baumannm Judith; Wolach, David; Williamson, Elizabeth; Hendricks, Steven;

Olympus Found. Issue 0

Publication Information:
Olympia: Wa. September 27, 2008
Bound in paper grocery sack cover (Safeway).