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Faculty: Don Foran 1988-2012 (visiting & adjunct)

Don Foran first taught at TESC in 1982. He was at that time full-time Chair of Religious Studies at St. Martin's College (now University) when Betsy Diffendal hired him to teach Perspectives on Nonviolent Action. From that date till 2012 he taught many adjunct courses at TESC (mostly Literature and writing, including poetry) and a team taught program at Grays Harbor with Marge Mohoric (between 1999 and 2002) and a Liberation Theology program with York Wong and Leo Daughterty in spring, 1989. He was named Washington Professor of the Year by the Carnegie Fourndation for the Advancement of Teaching and Council for Advancement and Support of Education in 1995 while teaching at Centralia College full-time and in the Evening and Weekend Studies at Evergreen part-time. His academic career spanned 44 years. He currently teaches Guided Conversations About Great Literature at Olympia Senior Center.

Series: Poetry