I. Mary Hillaire Lectures/Classroom

A. Native American History/Education

B. Seminars/Presentations/Media & Video Review

C. Guest Speakers


1. Lectures (IA)side 1. lecture about communication in education, unidentified speaker, class presentations; sex and fertility. side 2. event planning

2. Lectures (IA)side 1. short lecture by Mary on prejudice. side2. blank

3. Lectures (IC)side 1. Woman speaker; personal philosophy, personal experience. side 2 blank

4. Lectures (IA)side 1. First day of class 1/8/74 ; "Native American People". side 2 blank

5. Lectures (IA)side 1. Mary lecture (hard to hear). side2. children's education and it's importance. miscommunication between indian and non-indian people.

6. Lectures (IA)side 1 &2. lecture; institutional racism.

7. Lectures (IC)side 1. man speaking of native traditions/stories. side2. blank

8. Lectures (IB)side1. scene from play; discussion of white/ indian. side 2 continued.

9.Lectures (IA)side1. lecture; insightful wisdom. side 2 blank

10.Lectures (IB)side 1. seminar; video review. side 2. blank

11. Lectures (IA) side 1. Mary lectures on cultural and political aspects of Native American's historical involvement with whites.  Also, a lecture from a woman about the current situation of Native Americans. side 2. Mary giving lecture to group of teachers about relations between to whites and Native Americans, focusing on the responsibilities of whites for making progress possible.

12. Lectures (IB) side 1: Mary gives a lecture at an orca-themed symposium held at Evergreen concerning the Native American attitude towards the earth and how the pro-orca activists have to learn from native peoples. side 2 (IC) same symposium, a Greenpeace representative gives a talk about what his orginization is doing to save whales, then plays a slideshow.

Other Lectures

"Delta Kappa Gama 4-9-73" (Tape location unknown)

Hillaire speaks at a sorority

"Hillaire Lecture #1". Side 1: 1/19/81

Discussion of the rationale for programs like Native American studies, war, the value of alternative (education), etc.

"HIllaire Lecture - Personal Exploration of Self-identity"

Hillaire asks students to answer several questions about themselves. Talks about understanding yourself.

"Hillaire Lecture: Exploration of Self-identity"

Side 1: Hillaire discusses exploration of self-identity; finding out who you are by asking family and friends. Understanding yourself and others. Acceptance as a Lummi and the question of whether or not Lummi exist.

Side 2: Tradition, things of tradition that have not been incorporated into the educational system, ethics, honor, inability to help people recognize one another, respect for eachother, undersatnding oneself, dependence on others to feel whole, hiding behind religion to justify corruption.

"HIllaire Lecture: The need and quality of humanity, the question of violence, the need for community"

Hillaire discusses racism in the church system and elsewhere, discusses community and (lack of) humanity

"Lutheran. Side 1 2-19-74"

Lecture/seminar with Hillaire, discusses cultural differeneces

Side 2 "Reports 3/4 after small groups"

Discusses cultural differences, hospitality, conference planning. Lecture/seminar?

" #1 3/16/80 Lutheran Church Ferndale"

Hillaire speaks at a church.

"Lutheran - Mt. Vernon. Hillaire"

Hillarie speaks at a church, discusses racial topics.

"Lutheran. Hillaire. P.L.U." 2 sides

Hillaire speaks at a church. Race and class topics discussed.

"Lutheran. Morning 4-18-71"

Hillaire speaking at church. Discusses social issues, Native Americans and problems like apathy in communities.

"Methodist". 2 sides: 6-2-74

Mary Hillaire speech at church

"Methodist Church 3-18-73. Mary Ellen Hillaire"

Hillaire speaks at a church

"Unity Church of Truth. 5-11-74. Hillaire"

Hillaire speaks at a church.

"Nooksack 7/12" 2 sides.

Hillaire speech in Nooksack on vocational training, hiring of minorities for state jobs, job development, etc. Hard to hear.