II. Native American Studies

A. Faculty/staff meeting

*curriculum p;anning/structure/overview

*community outreach

*Faculty commitment

*Dept. relationships with overall TESC curriculum/system/administration.

B. Performance gatherings



C. Longhouse Project

Audio Tapes

1. NAS (IIC)side1. Longhouse Project;ceremony- drummers&song; dedication to longhouse. side 2. blank

2 .NAS (IIC)side1. Longhouse Project;planning-4/6/82. side 2 blank

3. NAS (IIC)side1. Longhouse Project;planning-3/30/82. side 2 cont. (hard to hear)

4. NAS (IIA)side1. N.A.S program mtg. class/facutly mtg about absence of debate; learning form it. changing preconceptions about learning in students. side 2. cont.

5. NAS (IIB)side1. native american music, singing, dancing. Mary speaking about TESC giving permission, condoning NA professors in creating a N.A.S. program. side2. discussions; laws and tribal issues.

6. NAS (IIA)side1. first faculty mtg. NAS 1973-1974. side 2. cont.

7. NAS (IIA)side1. faculty mtg. tribes/diet/events. side2. blank

8. NAS (IIA)side1. first mtg. NAS faculty 1973-1974. side2. blank

9. NAS (IIA)side1. Planning meetings; education as a way for revitalization a need for value. Program meeting w/ faculty-symbolization: the emerging individaul second quarter. side 2. blank.

10. NAS (IIA) side1.faculty mtg. hand in hand designing program. educational services (tutoring), expanding services, integrated services (for indian children). side 2 blank

11.NAS (IIA)side1.faculty mtg.; labels (in education), tutoring discussion amongst teachers. underachievers; verbal thinkers; stress developing individual strenghts; make reading an elective. Piaget experiments (recordings). Mary talking about these things and her work in social services. Side 2. continuation on these subjects in classroom, teaching, reading.

12. NAS (IIA)side 1.Discussion/ presentation of reservation program and education for native americans. side2. cont.

13. NAS (IIB)side 1. program performance; "bring out an idea: Topic- Human Potenial, self image and self motivation. side 2. blank

14. NAS (IIA)side 1. faculty conversation between Mary and Daryll on program planning/ class discussing education. side 2. Mary speaking at a hearing

15. NAS (IIA)side 1. discussion and debat between Maxine, Mary and Betsy; faculty of Native and Minority Studies. Side 2. cont.

16. NAS (IIA)side 1. mtg. with Rudy Martin and NAS faculty. side 2. cont.

17. NAS (IIB)side 1. Mary speech to a commitee. side 2. Mary speech on education.

18. NAS (IIB)side 1. Mary speaker at Royal Fork Nv. 29; Philosophy of NAS. side 2. audience comments.

19. NAS (IIA)side 1. staff mtg. Native American education. side 2. blank

20. NAS (IIB)side 1. conference of Native Americans; various speakers; NAS. side2. blank

21. NAS (IIA)side 1. Faculty mtg; planning mtg. for ceremony retreat between tribes and colleges (squaxin island)side 2. blank

22. NAS (IIA)side 1. faculty mtg. side 2. blank

23. NAS (IIA) side 1. faculty seminar; communication dynamics, educational diversity.

24. NAS (IIA)side 1. May 9, 1974. mtg. called by Rudy Martin concerning native american studies program...continuation...enrollment-open or closed.

25. NAS (IIA) side 1. faculty conversation between Mary, Larry Mosqueda, and Rebecca concerning relations between the NAS program and the college, especially administration. side 2. cont.

26. NAS (IIA) Tacoma Indian Center, tape 1 of 6. side 1. Mary meets with Pete, they discuss their ideas about education at the Tacome Indian Center. side 2. blank.

Video Tapes

Indian Education Program #1 2/6/73"Indian Legends"

  • Program #2 2/13/73 "Indian Legends"
  • Program #3 2/20/73  "Northwest Indian Education"
  • Program #4 2/27/73  "Emmett Oliver-Jom"
  • Program #5 3/6/73 "Larry George"
  • Program #9 4/3/73  "The Future"

reel to reel

Mary Hillaire workshop, Naming and Dancing 6/6/74

reel to reel

Joe Washington 10/77

reel to reel

Russell Barsh


"Sovereignty as it Applies to All Citizens of the U.S" (11/19/77) 

reel to reel

Panel Discussion "Avenues of Cooperative Interaction" (11/19/77)

reel to reel

Weekend Seminar, Winter, Indian Education Symbolization Class (10/30/79) 

beta, 3/4,reel

Squaxin II (10/30/79)


Evergreen Deli- SAGA Food Service (1970's) 

reel to reel

"John, Joyce, and Gordon + Margo, Rusty, Carolyn" (5/80)

reel to reel

Unknown Date Footage


"What's New in the School House?" : Indian Education—Tulalip Grade School (Part of KIRO TV presentation)

reel to reel


"Our Brother's Keeper : Indians in White America" Lehman Brightman

reel to reel


"We Talk...You Listen" Vine Deloria

reel to reel

"State Law and Indian Rights" Mel Tonaskat 

reel to reel


reel to reel


reel to reel


reel to reel

Mary Hillaire Introducing Audrey Covingham-singing

reel to reel


Dance Presentation-Joe Washington, Songs and Dance/Teaching Native American Dance 

reel to reel


Native American History Presentation

reel to reel

Native Elder Speaking of Virtues,Honesty

reel to reel

Tandy Wiber Sr.—Talk on Life and His Accomplishment/


Yvonne Peterson—Elementary Education, Shelton School District

reel to reel


Mary Hillaire, Joe Washington-


Lummi McKay Indian Speaker

reel to reel

"Dances by All", Women from Alaska—


Janet McCloud 

reel to reel

Mark Overlook Media Arts Series/Tony Hoover and Tom Rainey/ Faculty Programs for Next Year/

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Footage of John and Bart Woodwear,


Neil Shamberg, Bob Whitner

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