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Accession 1976-12 w5434
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Wiedemann, Alfred M.

Series: Personal Papers

Instructions: The following PDF file is copied from the journals of Alfred M. Wiedemann, Member of the Faculty at The Evergreen State College from 1970 to 2005. Best viewing of these files is to set the Page Display in the VIEW menu of the PDF reader to two up which will allow two pages to be observed at the same time. This will enable maps/illustrations to be presented to the viewer simultaneously with the text describing them.

SubSeries: Journal 1975 - 2002

For faster loading on your browser the journal has been separated into its parts as digitized from the original:

SubSeries: Field Notes: Species Accounts

SubSeries: Publications (Manuscripts)


SubSeries: Miscellaneous

Series: Music (from Accession 2017-14)

(contains sheet music, primarily folk dance oriented)

Series: Photographs/Slides & Negatives/Films and Video

Series: Australian Field Study

Series: Publications 1966-2001

Series: Academic Program materials