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Governance Files

DTF Files

Committee on Governance III (COG III) 1976

Correspondence : Memoranda - Philosophies and Changes to COG Document (Filed in Reverse Chronological Order)


Memo : Ken Winkley to COG III (3 pages) 12-30-1976

Subject : Proposed Changes to COG III and the Social Contract

Memo : Les Eldridge to COG III DTF 12-01-1976 (1 page)
Subject : Comments on the COG III Proposal

Memo : Les Eldridge to Steve Erhman (Assumed date November 1976) (4 pages)

Memo : Steve Ehrman to COG III 11-18-1976 (7 pages)
Subject : Suggestions for selection of Governing Board members

Memo : Les Eldridge to Jill Stewart (CPJ Editor) 10-26-1976 (2 pages)

Subject : Errors in regard to COG III document in October 14, 1976 Cooper Point Journal articles

Memo : Pearl Vincent to COG III DTF (nd - assumed September 1976) (1 page)

Subject : Printing of COG document in the College Bulletin

Memo : Pearl Vincent to COG III DTF 09-30-1976 (1 page with a potential attachment)

Attachment to Pearl Vincent's Memo : December 1974 Revision (Available for viewing in the TESC Archives)


Memo : John Moss to Niels Skov, Chair, and COG III DTF 04-23-1976 (1 page and 3 page attachment)

Subject : Forwarding Material for possible inclusion in the COG III document relating to an Employee's Council

Attachment to John Moss memoranda (3 pages)


Memo : Peter Elbow to COG III DTF 04-08-1976 (4 pages)

Subject : Observations on Philosophy of and potential changes to the COG III document

Memo : President Charles McCann to COG III members 02-20-1976 (2 pages)

Subject : DTF Charge



Manifesto to the TESC Community from David Marr and Ruddy Martin originally published Spring of 1972 and re-presented for consideration for COG III 11-24-1975