Welcome to the Evergreen Alumni Writers Project. Since 1971, when the college opened, students (and faculty) at Evergreen have been writing - essays, autobiographical exercises, poems, Grinnell natural history journals, stories, dream reflections, comic books, novels, Progoff Intensive Journal entries, plays, filmscripts, and (of course) narrative evaluations of themselves and their programs and their faculty.

This project collects and celebrates the work of students who've gone on to publish after they graduated. We did a show about some of them in the Library art gallery in the spring of 1999; we're continuing to build this permanent website and as a special collection of alumni writing in the library.

We'd love to hear about other Evergreen alumni writers, even if you don't know quite how we can reach them - hints and clues are welcome.

See a more complete listing of Evergreen Alumni Authors and their works here

See the Alumni Web page version here

Thad Curtz
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