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File Folder 14 : Studies in History and Culture


Introduction : Restoring Ignorance : Studies In History and Culture, 1972-1973 - David Marr

On the Study of Man : Henri Bergson at the University of Vienna. (1913) - John Umlauf

The Nature of the Religious Controversy Over Darwin - Caroline Early

Henry Adams - Andrew Daly

Walt Whitman and American Karma - Robert F. Kay

Art and Anti-Art: A Delay in Silence - Julie Mackoff

Past and Future - Barbara H. M. Neupert

On George Barnard Shaw - Donald G. Davis

Continuation in the All - Nicole Bonagura

T.R. - Lupine Youngman

Two Essays on Western Expansion - Eric Nielsen

The Promise Tarnished : The Southern Agrarians and Industrialism - Joe Oswald

Women and Employment, 1890-1930 - Barbara H. Partlow

Hartz and Hofstadter - David Hazel

Radical Critiques - Christina Peterson

The Process of Education in America - Barbara Stout

Max Weber and Karl Marx : Historical Sociology and Advanced Industrial Capitalism - John Foster

Alienation and Ideology : An Essay - Gregory J. Renault