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Academic Affairs: Academic Deans: Tom Womeldorff: Loggers and Spotted Owls: The Political Economy of the Olympic Peninsula

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Label Info:
Bob Lee (Interview) & Logger's Rally at Sylvester Park to Capitol Bldg.
Case Info:

Bob Lee
Loggers Rally 40 minutes
at Sylvester Park then march to Capitol Building

Logging Community Research

Hi8 Tape
Run Time:
40:39 (Counter resets on this tape as well so be aware of the two counter sets running from two 00:00 points.)
[07/22/91] (this is based on the date for the other two tapes in this series, however it should be noted that this particular tape bore no date on it when found)
Tape Synopsis:

The last in a series of Hi8 video tapes focusing on logging issues. An interview with Bob Lee in [his office]. Footage of a Rally at Sylvester Park in Olympia, WA and march to the capitol building.

Description of Content:
Bob Lee (Interview)

Some (most likely unrelated) talking about Nazi Germany. Into the interview with discussion about commuinty and family structure. Looking at logger's wives, observing how they react to the stress. Talks about women involved in sawmill work. (interviewer mentions being a domestic violence worker) Question about domestic abuse within logging families. Responds by saying that rural domestic violence is more visable but data shows more even distribution of these problems across urban and rural areas.

tape cuts to static and counter restarts itself.
Logger's Rally at Sylvester Park (Olympia, WA)
View of intersection near capitol building. Trucks driving into Olympia; loggers and thier families walking down to Sylvester Park (some holding signs).
Logging truck with yellow ribbons haging off it.
Sylvester Park. Speaker talking about people coming in from Forks. Mentions the name of the next Speaker [Doranne]. Most of the shots are around to People standing in the crowd, not much camera on the views of the speakers.
Speaker shown banner above him reads "They've Gone Too Far" and "Save Our Communities". Speaker quotes Winston Churchill "Never, Never, Never Give Up".
Shots focusing on the crowd agian. Next speaker introduced as Bruce Vincent. Speaker is very agressive against Environmentalists that he calls self-interested liars. One sign in the crowd reads "Forks Loggers Are #1 Owls are Ok but Families First". Speaker mentions someone in the audience with a "tape recorder" (the person filming this video).
Another sign reads "Don't Let the Owl Endanger the Pacific Northwest". Another sign reads "Wash State Carpenters Support the Timber Industry".
Mike Graper is asked to come up. People standing behind speaker holding hands in the gazebo leads them in a rallying cry to "Put man back in the environmental equation where he belongs". One sign has a picture of and owl and two people and reads "Hardel - We All Need Homes - Copromise".
Woman says somehthing about somone named "Chandler" who is running for senate and supports loggers.
Speaker talks about spotted owl. Camera focuses on children sitting in front. One little girl in front holds a sign reading "Why Are You Ending my Future??" on one side and "My Daddy Needs a JOB" on the other. Cuts to another portion of the crowd holding signs.
Speaker m entions something about Evergreen College and says "you guys can sit on it". After this the crowd is milling around and talking. A little girl on her mother's back has a sign that says "I Vote Jobs Not Owls". Man has a sign down at his side reading "In Some Way A Logger Has Touched Your Life Today" and a little boy next to him has a sign saying "Timber is a Renewable Resource".
Cut to some people on one corner of the park signs reading "Save Logger's Stop Bush's" and "Keep Your Right To Bare Arms - Disarm The ...". More shots around the park with signs like "Love A Forest Family - Port Angeles", "Save Jobs & Wildlife - Repeal ESA", and "Loggers Pay Taxes - Owls Don't".
Some shots on the corner near Drees briefly and then back to the park again. One sign planted in the grass with Yellow balloons says "If This Was Iraq - We'd Be Kurds".
Washington Commercial Forest Action Comittee mentioned... Brian Boyle is introduced (someone in audience boos him). He mentions in 1992 he will not run for Land Comissioner again.
John Henson (Mr. Kenworth) introduced. Talks about the decrease in sale of logging trucks.
More talking about Evergreen something at "6pm in the evening" Evergreen opening up it's doors and all the "woolies" coming in and "taking over that place".
Mike Pederson called up to give a few words. Soon cuts to another speaker, a woman, and shots of audience. One sign reads "Booth, Support Work First not Earth First". Woman mentions she's been a state representaive gets somewhat teary and emotional.
Music from a woman with a guitar; applause and then more footage around crowd. More musical performances are given interspersed with shots of the crowd.
March to Capitol Building from Sylvester Park
March of people march up the street to the capitol. One of the loggers makes a joke about jaywalking tickets.
The crowd is shown on the steps yelling to the people inside the building.
end of tape.