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Faculty: Schrager and Hendricks
Academic Programs: Coordinated Studies
Eye of Story (Fall\Winter 2009-2010)


Series: Oral Histories (Audio CDR)

Interviewer Interviewee Description
Noon, Claudia Father Athanacious Subject's entry into religious orders
Bean Rabbi Goldstein Subject's antecedent philosophical development
Peterson Hain, Derek Subject's experiences traveling
Cohoe Hogon, [Celia] Subject's move to Tacoma
Lopez Riffer, [Alison]

Subject's chronological life from childhood : Third person [Martin]

Burnett Syd first 45 seconds undecipherable
Boles Smith Growing up in Tillicum
Friedman Watkins Subject's life story - central theme "parenting" - multiple tracts over first half of disk makes it difficult to understand. Disk failure half way through second disk