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The Ecology and Chemistry of Pollution/ Herman, Steven G. The Effects on Non-Target Organisms of a 1974 Forest DDT Application in the American Northwest: A Three-year Study of Insects, Songbirds, and Shrews. By Herman, Steven G. and Bulger, John B. [1976]

Group Contract:

Evergreen Environment
The Evergreen Naturalist Vol. 1, nos. 1-3 1972/73
  [Untitled tribute to Evergreen] / edited by [ ]. Works by: Gregory W. Parkinson, Jeffrey Streeter, Lynn Garner, Joseph V. Ochoa, Jan Rensel, Gail Tanaka, Robert F. Kay, Bruce Yosutake, Kitty Preston, Gerard Baptiste, Mark Ross, Joe Renouard, Louise F. Batson, Christine M. Cody, Johanna Nitzke, Janey Austin, Jill Milholland, Carl T. Gowen Jr., Nancy Snyder, George Porter, Martin J. Oppenheimer, Colleen Coleman, Randy Groves, Kenneth Matheson, Alain Herriott, Kenneth Matheson, Steve Oehlerich, Kent Christman, Peter May, Michael Miller, Mike Mobley, Dana Elizabeth Illo, Mariel L. Brockway, George A. Smith, Doug Kahn, Susan J. Snyder, Gary D. Farer, C. Paul Marshall, Julie Blanchard, Robynne Snow, Chales F. Davis, Margaret Wharton, Darrel Johansen, Linda Eber. [Olympia : The Evergreen State College, 1974]
(Possibly a publication by the graduating class of 1974?)
Faculty : Ernestine Kimbro and Justino Balderrama. C(ART)OGRAPHIES Anthology / edited by Dan Arnold and Yuonhee Kim; with Daniels, Jennifer, Margaret Bihlear, Mary Moore, Joel Wasson, Justin Conrad, Merry Peterson, Karen Hardy, Teresa Paulson, Lois Beck, Kim Roberta Nuesse, Tristan Fields, Elizabeth Paul. Olympia : The Evergreen State College, Fall/Winter 1994/95
Essays and Poetry
(J. Brown and R. Sluss - Faculty (vol. 1.); Herman, S.G. and Sinclair, Leon - Faculty (vol. 2)

Evergreen Natural History Journal Vols. 1 & Vol. 2 (two issues)

Winter 1990 & 1991
Natural Histories: Botany, Biography, Community Rapid Environmental Assessment of the Black River Wildlife Refuge s 2001
Protecting Washington Wilderness Defending Wild Washington 2002/03
Sense of Place (Group Contract) South Sound, U.S. Northwest Critter Directory Sp 1998
Toward Expression in Poetry Enter My House (Poetry Anthology) 1973/74
Worts and Witches Worts and Witches Collective Herball F 1999
Coordinated Studies Programs    
Arts and the Child: Walking the Wheel of the Seasons The Painted Word: A Catalog 2005/06
Cartography Cartography / edited by Lynda Hillman ; with Sue Nelson and Stephen Palmer
Olympia, Wash. : The Evergreen State College Printing Services, c1976
see also Library Catalog for full cataloging record.
TESC Main Stacks : PS591.C65C37 1976

Central America: Poetry and Politics
Faculty: Nelson, Alice and Ransom, Bill


En Sus Propias Palabras: Una antologia Bilingue (In Their Own Words: A Bilingual Anthology). Presented by the Program Central America: Poetry and Politics (Coordinated Studies Program) Olympia, Wa., Central America: Poetry and Politics Program, The Evergreen State College, 2005 2005/06
Chinese Language Studies. Hou, Esther Y. (Faculty). Under the Evergreen : A collection of twenty eight student writings in Chinese / edited by Hou, Esther Y. Works by: Andrea Wagner, Rhoby Cook, Joyce Webster, Thomas R. Lenon, Jeanie Taylor, Polly Newcomb, and Erin Morita. Olympia : The Evergreen State College, June 1976.  
The Ecology and Chemistry of Pollution The Effects on Non-target Organisms of a 1974 Forest DDT Application... 1974/75
Exotic Species in Marine Ecosystems Program : Does the Softshell Clam, Mya arenaria Occur in Pleistocene Fossil Deposits at Willapa Bay, Washington (USA)? / by Mike Arnow, Melissa Bates, Beth Belanger, Chris Blanton, Regina Bomar, Melody Brown, Dominique Camacho Abby Cramer, Rosina DePoe, Megan Halcott, Heather Lowder, Kevin Mault, Katrina Mikitik, Malanie Pischalko, Chelsea Reissler, Brooke Smith, Jeffrey Taisch, Lauren Vander Lind, Emily Vlahovich, and Erica Warren-Battles. Dave Milne, Faculty. / Unpublished Report available at the Evergreen State College Library, Olympia, Wa. 98505. n.d.

From Bosporus to Suez
Faculty: Henderson, Martha L. and Niva, Steve

From Bosporus to Suez: A Magic Carpet Ride 2006

Intimate Nature: Communication Older than Words

  • Meeker, Laurie
  • Williams, Sarah
  • Williams, Sean
Intimate Nature: Communication Older than Words
Poetry and Prose Anthology - contributions from Program students and others not directly associated but cited.
Introduction to Environmental Studies What Works: Environmental Solutions 1997/98
Memories of Stone: Irish Studies at The Evergreen State College
  • Crable, Doranne
  • Hill, Patrick
  • Williams, Sean
  • Newmann, Kate
Memories of Stone: Irish Studies at The Evergreen State College Poetry Anthology edited by Kate Newmann and Sean Williams
The Mythic Image Myth: The Space Between Dreams (anthology) 1988/89
The Mythic Image The Mythic World (anthology) 1990/91

Outdoor Education

  • Ladd, K.V.

Percival Creek: A Baseline Assessment 1981/82

Picturing Plants (Winter Quarter 2003)


  • Bowcutt, Frederica
  • Harrison, Lucia
  • Pedersen, Sara
  • Yannone, Sandy
Creative Non-Fiction Essays. By students of Picturing Plants. Olympia: The Evergreen State College, 2003.  


A Silver Sky


Degrees of Grey : A Student Anthology / edited by [ ] , Works by students of "A Silver Sky" Program: David Marshall, Katie Sandbom, Eamon Kennedy, Walter J. Maenhout, S. Burgess, Charlie Kitchings, Matthew Smith, Natalie Knight, Genevieve LeBaron, Abby Lang, Jessica Nash, Kegan A. Riley, Miriam Preus, Briget Cote, Ben Longstreth, Sam Dillon, Travis Niemann, Jack Anderson, Irene Costello, Sky Cosby, Dan Grubbs, Sage Ricci, William Storm, Nathaniel Rayman, Laura Hoffman, Meilani Allen, Bill Ransom, Paul Rathgeb, Paul Shelton, Mitch Inclan, Dylan Smith, Jessica Towns and Abigail Clarke. Olympia : The Evergreen State College, Spring 2003

Telling Our Stories: What Makes Communities Work
Faculty: Simons, Suzanne; Prouty, Carolyn; and Buxbaum, Stephen.

Telling Our Stories: Voices of Grays Harbor. by Students of "Telling Our Stories: What Makes Communities Work," an academic program of The Evergreen State College (Grays Harbor College Campus). Centralia, Wa.: Gorham Publishing, 2012. 2011/12
Western Washington University/The Evergreen State College Teacher Education Program What Dewey Do? : Student Teaching Events by Students in the ... . Cover Design & Artwork by Linda Slater. Olympia, Wa: Western Washington University/The Evergreen State College Teacher Education Program, 1989 1989

Wildlife: Conservation and Writing
Faculty: Impara, Peter and de Marcken, Anne

On the Edge of Extinction: Collected Essays. Works by students of "Wildlife: Conservation and Writing". Olympia: The Evergreen State College, 2014.  

Writing Matters: Passion and Discipline in Literary and Media Arts

Faculty: Freeman, Marilyn and Foran, Don.

Adaptations: A Compendium of Student-Originated Short Stories & Screenplays: Homework assignments from Evergreen State College. 2009/10