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Matt Smith, Susie Strasser, John Aiken, and Virginia Darney (Coordinator)

1984 (web based archive) (blog)



Williams, S. Foundations of Performing Arts

see Sean Williams' other programs:
Williams, Sean Academic Programs


Gould, Gibbons and King Doing Democracy  First year core 2006/07


Cloninger and Darney Islands


Gould, Gibbons and King Analytical Techniques for Public Service Second year core 2007/08


Aragon, Theresa and Mark Harrison. Embracing Conflict Spring 2005

Meeker and Zay MediaWorks

Herman, Steven Spring Ornithology 2005

Harrison, Mark Stage and Screen: Theater in the Age of Film and Television

Program Title: MES

Arney, Huntington, and Williams, Sarah

Williams, Sarah Reading Jouissance as Ananda Awareness
Awareness Winter

Cloninger and Zay MediaWorks



  • Risk Assessment in Environmental Health  2007/08
  • Toxicology in Environmental Health 2007/08

Heying, Animal Behavior Spring 2007

Arney and Williams, Sarah Awareness Spring 2007

Cushing Moritani and Weiss, Data and Information: Quantitative Ecology 2006/07

Harrison, Mark and Rainey, Tom. History According to Film Su 2007 First Session

Harrison, Mark and Rainey, Tom. Legacy of Conquest  W/Sp 2007

Heying, Longino, and Woods-Santoso (Core Connector), Understanding Species Fall 2006

Harrison, Mark and Worthen, Laura. Why Shakespeare Fall 2006


Setter, Kennedy, and Lindsay (Core Connector) Awakening the Dreamer, Pursuing the Dream

Arney and Williams, Sarah Awareness Writing and Renunciation

Grossman (with Parker and Whitesell), Climate Change and Pacific Rim Indigenous Nations

Weiss and Nelson, Computer Science Foundations Spring 2008

Heying, Weinstein and Woods-Santoso (Core Connector) The Extraordinary Science of Everyday Experience: A Day in the Life Winter 2007

Williamson and Zay, Fashioning the Body Fall/Winter

Meeker, Federsen and Williams, Made for Contemplation      

Alman, Karen C., Marketing in the 21st Century

Grossman and Raines, Native Decolonization in the Pacific Rim

Harrison, Mark and Schuler, Doug. Politics, Performance and the Public

Programs in Various Years by Faculty:

Zita, E. J. (see also Physics and Astronomy Programs at TESC)


Mauney, Allen and Harrison, Mark. Order and Chaos: Making and Breaking Rules in Science and the Arts


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