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Archives & Special Collections

Accession 1976-01
Board of Trustees

Series : Community Applications for New Four Year College Siting

Series : Site Property Appraisal

Series : Site Property Aquisition

Series : Arthur D. Little, Inc. Special Reports to the Board of Trustees

1. Board of Trustees Retreat, Lake Wilderness Continuing Education Center
2. Arthur D. Little Planning Reports 1968 : Preliminary materials to the production of the following " Special Reports" series.
3. Reports to the Board of Trustees
  1. A Student View of Higher Educational Needs : Special Report I (Includes : Draft of Special Report I)
  2. The Educational Needs of State Government : Special Report II
  3. Enrollment Projections for 1971-1980 : Special Report III
  4. No Special Report IV
  5. Facility Requirements for Preliminary Planning and Capital Budgeting : Special Report V
  6. A Program of Facility Requirements for Library, Media and Study, Aeministrative and Instructional Functions - Initial Development : Special Report VI
  7. A Program of Facility Requirements for Support Services - Initial Development : Special Report VII
4. Reports to the President
  1. Materials Relating To : Formulating a General Conceptual Model for the Undergraduate Studies Program of The Evergreen State College
  2. Report of a Study of Teacher Supply and Demand in Washington State
  3. A Concept for Meeting Computer Needs During Initial Development at The Evergreen State College
  4. A Project Management Study for The Evergreen State College Library