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Accession 1976-02
Board of Trustees

Series : Planning and Management Books :

Subseries : Budgets and Funding (Books I and III)

Subseries : Construction Projects (Books IV and V)

    1. Cost Projections and Status Report 1969-1972
    2. Press Releases on Construction 1968-1971 (see also accession 86-03)
    3. Info, correspondence, and memorandum about "Air Bubble"
    4. News, correspondence, and memorandum (re: Bookstore, PNW Bill cable, Central Stores, Central Utility)
    5. College Activities Building
    6. Computer Services
    7. Drama, Music, Art
    8. Experimental Structures
    9. Fire Protection
    10. Garage & Shop, Gymnasium, Health Center
    11. Land Clearing, Landscaping
    12. Lecture Halls
    13. Library, Furniture
    14. Luhr House
    15. Parking
    16. Recreation Building
    17. Library basement, Lab Phase II, Fine Arts Building
    18. Seminar Building
    19. Standards for Physically Handicapped
    20. Water and Sewers
    21. Zoning


Subseries : Physical Plant (Book VI)

  1. Architect
  2. Campus Planning
  3. Computer Needs
  4. Equipment and Furniture
  5. Fire Dept.
  6. Leases
  7. Library
  8. Master Plan
  9. Office Space
  10. President's house

Subseries : Roads (Book VII)

Subseries : Finance Consultant (Book VIII)

Subseries : Energy Source - Heating & Air Conditioning

Series : Building Design Analysis & Campus Master Plan

Contains Architects program books for accessing and anylizing desired characteristics of campus buildings. Books include architects' conceptual sketches of specific buildings, narrative, and some floorplan blueprints. Includes materials for planning of the CAB building (various phases), LAB buildings (LAB Annex), Lecture Hall, Campus Housing, the Organic Farmhouse, Library, etc. Also includes campus development Master Plans, including landscaping master plan.

Arranged by size, then Master Planning Documents (Chronological) followed by specific buildings (alphabetical)

Subseries : Lab Annex Phase II