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Series: Academic Program Publications and Exhibits Edited by Faculty

Series: Monographs - Faculty, Staff and Academic Program Publications
With Call # for works by Faculty and Staff found in the TESC Library's main collection or in the State Library

Series: Exhibit Announcements (faculty and staff works)

Series: Monograph Manuscripts and Limited Editions

Box 1 Limited Editions

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Various Authors  

Aikin, John O. & R.G. Woodbury

Aikin, John O.

"Society and the Computer:" An Interdisciplinary Program of Sciences, Technology and Society at The Evergreen State College

Computer Literacy: An Interdisciplinary, Hands on Approach at The Evergreen State College, Olympia Washington

A Self-paced First Course in Computer Science




Arguelles, Jose Charles Henry and the Formation of a Psychophysical Aesthetic
Bass, Rae (Field Experience Intern - University of Wa) An Evaluation of the Field Work Experience
Beck, Gordon Position Paper on Media Arts
Brian, Richard "The Problem of the Little Old Lady Trying to Cross the Busy Street or Fibonacci Gained and Fibonacci Relost", Fibonacci Quarterly, v.2 #4 pp. 310-313

Beug, Michael

Bigwood, Jeremy and Beug, Michael W.

"Psilocybin and Psilocin Levels in Twenty Species from Seven Genera of Wild Mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.", Journal of Ethnopharmacology, v5 pp. 271-285

"Variation of Psilocybin and Psilocin Levels with Repeated Flushes (Harvests) of Mature Sporocarps of Psilocybe Cubensis (Earle) Singer" Journal of Ethnopharmacology, v.5 pp. 287-291



Cellarius, Richard
  • Councils of Urgent Studies: ... Science, v.177, pp. 670-676
  • Sierra Club Oral History Series: Single Interview Volumes: Richard Cellarius (see also Doris Cellarius)
Alpha by Author
Arney, William R. Manuscripts


Medicine and the Management of Living
Footnotes to above
  Preserving Childbirth: Power and the Profession of Obstetrics
  Footnotes to above
  Preserving Childbirth: Power and the Profession of Obstetrics (Unedited)


Carlson, Craig


Daugherty, Leo
The Teaching of Writing at Evergreen


Rainey, Thomas

Sacred Lake:Siberian Writers and the Struggle to Save Lake Baikal



Soule, Oscar
25th Anniversary of the St. Louis Browns


Schwartz, Leonard
The Library of Seven Readings



Box 2 Evergreen Symposium

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2 -6

Daum, Ida, Marr, David and White, Sid

  • The Teacher
  • The Student
  • The Community
  • Our Image
  • Alienation


February 1973
March 1973
April 1973
May 1973
June 1973


Box 3 Faculty Publications (News Items and citations for various publications)

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Arguelles, Jose


Hill, Patrick


Hubbard, Taylor E.


Huston, Mary M. and
Perry, Susan L.

Huston, Mary M. and
Parson, Willie

Milne, David H.



Parson, Willie L.

Perkins, John H.




Peterson, Yvonne

  • Newsweek 110 : 70-1 Aug 17, 1987
  • People Weekly 28 : 26-9 Aug 31, 1987
  • Time 130 : 63 Aug 31, 1987
  • NY Times Aug 17, [1987] I p1 col 3

  • "A Deweyan Perspective on Higher Education".
  • Liberal Education; vol 70 n4 p307-13 Winter 1984

  • "From Pride to Profit: One Hundred Years of American Trade Publishing". Drexel Library Quarterly; vol20 n3 p4-27 Sum 1984

  • "Information Instruction: Considerations for Empowerment".
    • Research Strategies; vol 5 n2, p70-77 Spr 1987
  • "A Model of Librarianship for Combining Learning and Teaching".
    • Research Strategies; Vol 3, n2 p75-80 Spr 1985
  • "Dinosaur Tracks, Erosion Marks and Midnight Chisel Work (But no Human Footprints) in the Cretaceous Limestone of the Paluxy River Bed, Texas". Journal of Geological Education; vol 31, n2 p111-123 Mar 1983

  • "User Perspective on a New Paradigm for Librarianship".
    • College and Research Libraries; vol 45, n5 p370-73 Sep 1984

  • "Insects, Food, and Hunger: The Paradox of Plenty for U.S.Entomology", 1920-1970. Environmental Review; vol 7, n1 p71-96 Spr 1983

  • International Aspects of Environmental Education. Monographs in Environmental Education and Environmental Studies. Vol. III; Troy, Ohio : NAAEE, 1986
  • Indians of Washington State
    • Olympia : Office of the State Superintendent of Public Instruction,





















1985 (reprint)


Arney, William R.

  • Medicine and the Management of Living
  • Footnotes
  • Preserving Childbirth: Power and the Profession of Obstetrics
  • Footnotes
  • Unedited manuscript



Diamant, Hirsh and Simon, Char

Diamant, Hirsh




Series : Faculty Published Articles 1971-

King, Cheryl Simmrel. "What’s a Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This?" Journal of Public Affairs Education

Longino, John. see Schoenberg, Lisa in Alumni Writers Accession
see also Schoenberg, Lisa in Alumni Writers Accession 76-26

Nadkarni, Nalini M. ed. What's Up?: The Newsletter of the International Canopy Network. ICAN 2003

Perkins, John H. ed. The Environmental Professional: The Official Journal of the National Association of Environmental Professionals. Blackwell Science, Inc.

Schrager, Samuel. "Migratory Lumbercack: A Portrait of Michigan Bill Stowell". In Forest & Conservation History, Volume 35, no.1. Durham, NC: Duke University Press. January 1991

Shariff, Zahid. Der Karikaturenstreit und die Pressefreiheit. Wert- und Normenkonflikte in der globalen Medienkultur
The Cartoon Debate and the Freedom of the Press. Conflicting Norms and Values in the Global
Media Culture

Series: Audio/Visual Faculty Program Lectures, Presentations, Performances

Audio :

Faculty Name
Description/Type and Format
Carlson, Craig Poetry Presentation 1/2" Cassette Recital Hall, Comm Bldg  
  • Chan, Don
  • Red Kelly
  • Jack Percival
  • Jan Stenz
Live TESC Unknown 12-06-1981
Coontz, Stephanie The Way We Never Were, Television interviews and debates, VHS Cassette    
Crowe, Beryl

Faculty Lecture

  • Exit Lectures : On the Views and Philosophy of Hannah Arrendt, 4/2/1992 - 6/4/1992 (on 10 VHS)
    • Between Past and Future, 4/2/1992
    • Plurality and the Human Condition, 4/9/1992
    • Natality and the Little Children, 4/16/1992
    • Responsibility and Freedom, 4/23/1992
    • Politics and Violence, 4/30/1992
    • Work and Labor, 5/7/1992
    • TAPE MISSING for lecture #7
    • Evil and the Poverty of the Private, 5/21/1992
    • Forgiveness and Capitol Punishment, Part I, 5/28/1992
    • Forgiveness and Capitol Punishment, Part II, 5/28/1992
    • Posterity and Stature of Mankind, 6/4/1992
Lecture Hall 1 see description
Dickinson, Peggy Handbuilding Demonstration, Pt 1-3, (Program unknown), Parts 1, 2, & 3 on separate 1" reel to reel; parts 1,2 and 3 on one VHS cassette ; unknown 1976
Elliott, Marla Beth

The Righteous Mothers (CD Albums)

  • All the Rage* *and none of the calories... Produced by Linda Waterfall. Lacey, Wa.: The Righteous Mothers, 1991
  • Pesky Angels. Lacey, Wa.: The Righteous Mothers , 1994
  • A Million Things. Lacey, Wa.: The Righteous Mothers, 2002
  • Best of the Righteous Mothers: The First 25 Years. Lacey, Wa.: The Righteous Mothers, 2006
  • Dream On. Produced by Linda Waterfall. May 2009. Lacey, Wa: The Righteous Mothers, 2010

Unknown unless specified





Recorded live at The Triple Door, Seattle, Wa.

Gottlieb, Robert and Romero, Jacob Lecture: Origins of Musical Scales, Advanced Coordinated Studies Program: Harmony in the Universe,: VHS Cassette   1975
Jacobson, Norman Scientific Innovation, pts 1-3 : Parts 1,2, and 3 on separate 1" Reel to Reel, parts 1-3 on VHS Cassette   197?
Jones, Richard M. Lecture on Freud's Psychoanalytic Theory, : 1" Reel to Reel and VHS Cassette   197?
Martin, Rudy Black History : Aspects of the Harlem Renaissance 1920-1930, pts 1-3 : 3/4" and VHS Cassettes    
Mott, Paul Governance Discussion with Students, : VHS Cassette   197?
Sandy Nisbet and Patricia Larson

Public Performance:

  • Co-Respondents: "Giv'em an Inch" or "Women and Equality" (3 r-r tapes)
  • "Fun and Games: Women and Marriage" (3 r-r tapes + 1 tape duplicate)
  • "Here She Comes: Women and Power" (3 r-r tapes)

(see also Accession 2008-03)


TESC Audio Recording Studio 05/13/1976
Odetta Odetta in Concert Wa. Center for the Performing Arts 04/24/1982
Pailthorp, Charles Vocal Recital. Accompanied by Jane Edge. Recital Hall, Communications Bldg 10/16/1977
Ransom, Bill

War Baby (CD)

Bill Ransom, poetry
Steve Cifka, Cello


  • War Baby
  • Scream
  • Shooting the Thief
  • Mother
  • The Woman Who Plays Imaginary Piano...
  • Where the Word for Wait is Hope (Esperar)
  • Bomberos Voluntarios (Volunteer Firefighters)
  • Roadblock
  • Market Day
  • Nebaj
  • Photo of the Galeria
  • Glimpse of the DeathSquad
  • Flies
  • Peten 1983
  • Catechista (Pilgrim)
  • Guatemala Sunrise Grenade
  • Warrior at the Sink
  • Love and War
  • Yoland
  • Desconocido (Unknown Person)
  • Nicaragua 1987
  • Expatriates
  • Sleight of Hand
  • Doble Traccion
  • Thunder
  • Fancy Footwork
  • Boilover
  • Passing the Water Truck
  • The Lie
  • After the War
  • Back Home
  • Eavesdropping on America
  • Hotel of Lost Light
  • Breaking Down
  • Reunion
  • Instruction for Feeling the War
  • Food Chain
Wordman Production Company, Olympia, Wa. copyright 2003
Smith, Leroi Program unknown. 1" Reel to Reel
  • Psychology WISC Test Carl Purviance CV to AV
  • Pychology Hurvitz CV to AV
  • Psychology Ernst Beier Explanation and Demonstration of Communications Psychotherapy
  • Psychology Hughes = Intake Marital Therapy CV to AV
Smith, Matt Governance Lecture, Program Unknown : VHS Cassette


Winden, Joan - Mezzo Soprano
Winden, William - Bass Baritone
Chan, Don - Piano

Winden, William - Bass Baritone
Chan, Don - Piano

Winden, Joan -Mezzo Soprano
Chan, Don - Piano

Gottlieb, Robert, Viola
Chan, Don - Piano

Winden, Joan - Mezzo Soprano
Winden, William - Bass Baritone
Chan, Don - Piano

Chan, Don - Piano

Winden, Joan and William
Chan, Don - Piano

Public Performance: (2 7" r-r audiotape originals; half track stereo, 30 minutes each; 7.5ips)

Let Us Wander and Lost is My Quiet (Purcell)

Three Songs from Schwanengesang (Schubert)

Viola Sonata No. 1 (Milhaud)

Chansons de Bilitis (Debussy)

So Wahr Die Scheinet & Ich Bin Dein Baum (Schumann)

Pour Le Piano (Debussy)

Two Duets from L'Italiana in Algeri (Rossini)


Recital Hall, Comm Bldg 29 April 1974


Faculty Name
Description/Type and Format
Date/Play Time
Crowley, Lin

1995 Internatioanl Women's Conference, Beijing, China

Early crowd shots show images of TESC faculty and staff members attending.

3/4" Umatic Cassette/DVD 1995
Hunt, Margaret (Meg) Swan Song February 2000 (last performance prior to retirement in 2001) DVD-video dubbed from VHS  
Roy, Ratna Orisi Dance on Good Morning India Plus network Television / VHS 2000/
Sheppard, Gilda

Videos by:

  • Colors of Community: The Ndebele Wall Project (documentary)
  • Maxine Mimms: 80th Birthday (documentary)
  • Tribute to Marge
  • Women Together as One (Liberian Refugees documentary)
mini DV and DVD 15 min


Series : Faculty and Staff Speeches 1968-

Does not include Presidential or first Executive V.P. Joseph Shoben's speeches.

Faculty or Staff (links to TESCitizens)

Barry, David G., Provost The Evergreen State College: Academic Planning in a Time of Change
8 June 1970
Clabaugh, Dean E., V.P. for Business "Growing Pains": Dual Planning Problems of The Evergreen State College (Presentation to Planning Association of Washington Conference, Olympia, Wa.)
27 Sept 1969
  Evergreen and Its Impact on the Community (Presentation oto the Thurston County Consumer Credit Association)
29 April 1970
  Washington State Four Year College and University Local Funds (Interinstitutional Committee of Business Officers)
21 Oct 1974
  Outline for Presentation to House Ways and Means Committee Regarding Higher Education Formulas

10 Feb 1975

Dolbeare, Kenneth, Member of the Faculty Son of Sun Belt: Washington's Emergence as a National Public Policy Laboratory
16 Dec 1983
Jones, Richard M., Member of the Faculty Talk on College Counseling Given to the Planning Faculty of The Evergreen State College
March 1970
Kormondy, Edward J., Faculty/Provost Reflections of a New Provost (Remarks made to Faculty at TESC)
26 Jan 1973
  New Approaches to Curricular Planning (Address prepared for A.A.A.S annual meeting, San Francisco, for the symposium: Creative Responses to Contemporary Needs by Higher Education.)
26 Feb 1974
  Developing Administrative Strategies for Curricular Change (Paper given to Humanities Conference, George Washington University)
Lidman, Russell M., Director, MPA program/ Provost/Faculty Menu of Tax Alternatives: The Appetizers Remarks (Conference on Washington's Fiscal Future, Battelle Conference Center, Seattle, Washington)
3 June 1982
Richard N. Nichols, Director Public Relations Problems of Communicating
20 Oct 197?
  Interpreting an Innovative College: It Isn't Easy (Presentation to the Pacific Northwest Conference on Higher Education, TESC)
Fall 1973
Stenberg, Lawrence, Dean of Enrollment Services Rough Draft - Presentation to Faculty and Staff, TESC (pertaining to Counseling and Advisement of students)
Taylor, Nancy, Admissions Counselor/Faculty Academic Direction at Evergreen (Talk given to Evergreen Community)
24 April 1975
Teske, Charles B., Dean of Humanities/Academic Dean/Faculty Who Does What, When, Where, How and with Whom? (? defunct (never happened) Educational Policy Conference)
Spring 1971